Monday, September 21, 2009

monday madness

well, i have been super busy and unable to update in the last (almost) week.

this weekend was very niiice (borat).
friday night i worked until 10:20 at the gap, and Ni was over at a friend's place. i picked him up and we got home close to 1am. i was very very tired.
saturday Ni had a dentist appt so we were up and downtown by 9. then went to the gap to look for some polo shirts. headed over to value village and changed our mind on our hallowe'en costumes.

sherlock holmes and dr. watson. elementary, my dears!
\\am getting excited!!

Ni's mom came down to take us and his sister and her bf out for dinner. we were going to go to an Imax but Ni ended up getting super sick, poor man.
so we watched a bunch of the office.
yesterday my sister came down, and we went out for brunch. i had my pool inservice at 1:45 which was smack in the middle of the day, boo.
Ni and i did groceries and made chicken burgs and yam fries for dinner. yum yum.
we watched a couple more offices and then Xmen Origins: Wolverine.

back to the pool this morning... 9:45 - 11, and then back 3:30 - 7.
hopefully i will get to see my sister today, as well.

xxoo baby bunny kisses.

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