Friday, July 31, 2009


of July, of lessons, home before our road trip!

Tomorrow is August 1st and we will be leaving to roadtrip down to Oregon. Camping along the way, hopefully some shopping, we'd like to visit the zoo and the aquarium.

So until we return, have an amazing summer!

xxoo and baby bunny kisses ♥

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


savage - swing
the ian carey project - get shakey
flo rida ft. nelly furtado - jump

was told to download and now can't stop playing them!

vacation my ass.

heading to oregon on saturday and i have so much to do until then!
report cards are due at the pool so much work on those.
- parents came over for a bbq last night. good times.
boudica is leaving for home with them, and will be staying until the 10th. i'm very sad and don't want her to go which also means i don't want to go on the roadtrip.
but it will be okay - their place is cooler, she'll have a spot in the basement and they will spoil her with treats.
- still, i am sad.
also poor, and i need to buy some more shorts for the trip! also have to do laundry. and get travel insurance. and do report cards for the pool. and pack. and clean out the fridge. and help my friend clean out her closet.
oh goodness...

Monday, July 27, 2009

the berenstein bears and too much birthday

So. Tired.

Working all day today, but home eating some birthday cake and working on report cards for swim lessons.

Mom and Dad took me out to Milestone's last night, and my birthday surprise was having Amanda, Steve, and Josie show up. It was very fun and I will post pictures later.

Back to work today, and then done for almost 2 weeks on Friday... in which time period we are going to roadtrip to Oregon!

Good grief. July flew by. Halfway done summer :(

Sunday, July 26, 2009


blog is such a silly word.

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birthday month is almost over -

- and i have pretty much 0 monies.
which usually means it's time for a wish list!!!

here we go... i like for the strong gladiator style, but still in a platform. a good transition shoe, august to october. if only it were a different colour!! not sure which colour i like. a roughed up, sexed up cowgirl (almost) bootie. **tried these on and they look weird on my feet. i need a slight heel. these are effing hot!! love them in all the colours, minus taupe. i think a 5" heel? yummy. correction, 5.2. HOT! similar to the ones in le chateau. i want a pair!!! but of course the colour i like is the most expensive...

i'm hoping for some more summer dresses. i am sick of jeans, yet i want these: too bad they are sold out in my size.
anyways, summer dresses. i ended up with that flowy one from AE, and i really love it. i want some more so i can start wearing them in the fall with tights. much nicer than just throwing on a sweatshirt and a pair of pants!

i'm rearranging our room today. Ni's been camping for the past 5 days and so it will be a surprise when he gets home. need to do a huge vacuum job then the moving begins. i should get on that...

will write more on this post later!

** just came back from doing laundry and the mall **
found a sweet lily painting at the other condo which i yoinked - looks brand new and is a big one that will look good with my collage wall.
went to the mall and got myself a gold square ring from Club Monaco. had been eyeing it up for awhile.

amazingly cute short cowboy boots at le chateau. no photo, but i wish i could get them. heart heart heart.

been playing dress up for the last couple minutes.
parentals are coming down to take me out for a birthday dinner.
it's so fricken hot.

some more photos!

AE dress, with vintage braided leather belt. hot pink bra is la senza, ring is club monaco.

Club Monaco white trapeze dress (from last summer), with same belt.
- part of the sundeck. it's just been painted!

more birthday week fun...

photos photos, finally some photos!
- me with my birthday cake

- new dress plus highlighter orange nails

- birthday hair! birthday makeup! (thank you amanda)

muff diver

MY birthday celebrations were last night.
Drinks at my place, followed by Moxie's and then off to Plan B to dance the night away.

At Moxies, the girls ordered me a Muff Diver...


Friday, July 24, 2009

Thank goodness it is Friday. This has seemed like the longest week and I am exhausted.
It is halfway day for Monday-Friday pool lessons today - hurray
Tomorrow is my birthday party - the girls at the pool planned it. Apparently it was supposed to be a big surprise but now I sort of know what is happening. Oh well.
Drinks at my place and then head to Moxies' and out dancing later. I'm excited.
Tomorrow Amanda, Jo and I are also hanging out. We're going to the petting zoo and Amanda is going to help me get all dooded up for the night out. Yay girlie time!

Today after work, and after my week ending at the pool shower (in which the hairs gets MAJOR conditioner), I'm heading down to my friend Tianna's store to check their 40% off sale. I'm hoping to find some party clothes. I haven't seen her in quite awhile, so it will be good to visit.
I'm also re-dying my hair as the roots are coming in. So bad, almost an inch. Heat/sun/pool is making the dye leave so fast. *sad face*

Anyways, I have to eat brekkie and work on some report cards before I head off to work.

baby bunny kisses and have a great day to my single reader, ha!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

long time gone

Oh dear,
Been so busy with work and babysitting, I have neglected the blog. Have hardly had time to search for any outstanding photos, either.

It is the last day of lessons for this swim set today, and we had the waves going.

Tomorrow - Ni and I are heading to Van to see NO DOUBT!!! I am so excited but it kind of hasn't hit me yet, either. It's how I get before trips now. Strange.
We'll hopefully go to the aquarium, and Sephora as I have a free birthday gift. I would love to do some shopping there...

Must hop in the shower as I just got home from work and have been sweating chlorine. Gross. Laundry to do, vacuuming as well. Chores chores chores.
At least it's super sunny out!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

One Hundred

My 100th Post!
Funny, I thought it would be a lot sooner to reach this, but I have not really kept up with the blogging like I thought. It takes time, effort, and a lot of picture and such research.
I still enjoy blogging. It's a good place to share some thoughts, photos, and current inspiration.

I was (and still feel like I am) a ballerina for about 16 years. I also did jazz, lyrical, pointe, lyrical ballet, hiphop, lyrical jazz... and for 2 years; musical theatre.
There were many many years, classes, and dances put to the music of Michael Jackson.
The man was a legend, and when I first heard the news that he died, I burst into tears.
I found on Delightful's blog a photo spread tribute to him.
Take a look...


I will try to do more posts as the summer goes by. I really am in need of a new camera to take some glamazon shots.

xxoo and boudica nibbles.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

ducklings around the park

Just got back from a walk around the golf course. The ducklings have grown up so much since the last time I was there!

Been doing some cleaning, laundry, and soon to be cooking, as I don't have swimming lessons today! Today and tomorrow there is a dive meet so all of us instructors have those days off - 4 day weekend for me!

Tonight Keel, Ni and I are going to their mama's for dinner and his aunt/uncle/cousin will be there, as well.

Must get my guacamole ready...

here is the recipe:

3 avocados
2 roma tomatoes
1/2 cup white onion
3 Tbs cilantro
1 tsp garlic (I use more of this)
2 Tbs lime juice
pinch of salt, cayenne pepper

I have a Magic Bullet, so usually I just throw everything in there for a couple seconds. The avos and tomatos turn out better if they are thrown in last, otherwise it ends up too mushy.

Must get a move on!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

5th, Sunday

Ni's Mom and Dad both headed down here today and yesterday, respectively.
We did the fireworks last night at Butchart Gardens, and out for brekkie this morning.
Ni and his Ma went on a hike, and I'm heading to my pool inservice in 10 minutes. Should be done at 4.

So tired, as Dica was out last night and wouldn't let me sleep. Bad Bunny.

Anyways, have a great week. Will post when I can but am back to work 9-8 pretty much :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

The first week of summer!

It has been a good week...

Monday - babysat for Jo.

Tuesday - hung out with Amanda and Jo, then had our first work out class. Body Ball and Bar Fitness. (the quads are finally doin' okay)

Wednesday - Canada Day! Ni and I went to the beach, and then came home to hangout/read. It was a very easy day.

Thursday - I babysat for Jo, and also her Grandma and Auntie Allie (my aunt and cousin) were stopped here off their cruise. My Mom and little sister also came down, and everyone came over to Amanda's house (I picked her up from work on the way back with Allison and Gail - my aunt). We did daquiries and guacamole and salsa and chips. For dinner - pizza. Dessert was a frozen raspberry pie that Amanda made. SO GOOD. It was a very fun night, and then I slept over at Amanda's and my sister stayed, too. We watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Today - babysat for Jo, but took her to the mall with my Mom and sister. Ended up with a bathing suit for work, and a pair of shorts! Pretty good week :)Photobucket

Ni is over at the condo watching the first BC Lions game of the season. I will be blog-hopping and playing Sims for the evening. Hurray!
We played tennis for an hour and 15. My arm is aching. Been doing so many sports outside with Ni lately --> frizbee, football, volleyball, and now tennis. I am getting better at tennis; considering I haven't played for almost 3 summers!!