Monday, May 31, 2010

monday mourning

Things have been a bit crazy around here for the last while.
Weekends out with the girls (and most evenings spent over at Sarah and Em's).
I am worn out!

Niall came home early from a weekend away and we had a good chat yesterday/this morning.
He is moving out end of June and things are... okay with us.
It's so weird.

Means I get to start planning my house redecorating etc etc.

Any ideas?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday, May 26th

Today would be our 4 year anniversary.
He asked me out by a note after a class in school the day before grad. I still have it, it's in our treasure chest somewhere. Though we hadn't planned on going to grad together, we sat on the bus up and back and cuddled. I hung out with my friends that night, he hung out with his.
That summer we basically spent every day together. Swimming, walks, movies... we became fast friends. Then we moved to Victoria, and started hanging out on weekends due to school. Started living together on weekends, and eventually moved in together - with random stops to each others home for clothes etc.
April 25th 2009 we moved into our own one bedroom apartment with out pet bunny, Boudica. Had another amazing summer, topped off with our little bundle of fluff - Perseus. We were a solid family unit. So many pictures and memories with the bunnies, and just with each other before we got them.

I don't know when things started to go downhill. I'm just sad it's over. He's so confused about it all. Well, hey, me too! I just don't understand.
But I won't dwell on the negative in this post.

I love him, always will, and hope that we can turn this into a break and a chance for each of us to grow up and get to know ourselves, and see where we're at in a few months, year, or who knows when.

Going to be sticking to tumblr ( for awhile... it's more pictures and less feelings than my blog.

xxoo and baby bunny kisses.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

my life is a muddle

So things have been happening lately that have not been that great.
I ended up with a concussion at work on Monday and have not been back in since. I was taken to the ER via ambulance which was highly unpleasant and have been recovering over at my friends Emily and Sarah place. [I need to buy them some flowers as a thank you]

Also, Niall and I have been going through a rough patch lately and it came to a head Tuesday night when I came home. Ended up back at the girls' place, and single.
Super hard and don't really want to write about this so will probably be taking a blog hiatus for awhile.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Cleaning out my life.
Bunny room, closets, bathroom...

Need to get in a better mood - so angry today.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bloody man.

Some days it's so good, other days it's crap.
Why is he so fricken moody?

I've realized I make excuses for his attitude all the time.
Talking to a friend who used to do that, bad idea.

Yes, he is going to school and has a lot of homework from an extremely hard program and he's tired. But that is no reason to make me feel like crap most of the time.

I'm just getting fed up with it.
And almost looking forward to when he moves to Vancouver.
How horrible is that?


So pissed off right now. I'm hanging out at the condo doing laundry.
Hopefully he'll be in a better mood when I get back.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

some photos from Emily's birthday!
Had a fantastic SF last night. Em, Jess, Kelli and I went to QV for some food then did some driving around.
Looked at SUV prices, got gas, and then dropped off at my house where Jess and Kelli watched Superbad.
I love those ladies.

Monday, May 10, 2010

busy and happy

So this weekend was one of the best I've had in awhile...

Friday was lovely out, but I was at the pool 1ish-3:30 doing Aquasport. In the morning I went over to Em's to help make jello shooters. And I dyed my hair back to dark brown. Actually, it's L'Oreal Superior Preference in "Medium Brown" but it is quite a different colour than the reddy/blonde my hair has been for the last couple of weeks (just getting lighter due to chlorine and sun) so it's a major change.
At Aquasport I was all in black pacing the bulkhead while watching my kids - I felt like a panther.

Friday afternoon N (the bf) came home early, and we went and played frisbee in the field close to here. Thursday nights Jess and I are doing yoga, so I was pretty stiff and sore Friday.
Home for hotdogs and the Canucks. What a crap game...

Saturday was amazing. Worked 8:30-12 with all of us girls terribly excited for what was to come that night...
Em's party bus and then off to Plan B!
It was sooo much fun. Best night I have had in awhile. Great people, tons of dancing and boozing. I'm still giddy (and also quite sore because of yoga and wearing 5inch heels all night).
I will have to post pictures sometime but for once they are not on my camera!

Will write more, but must get on with the day.
Chores and then work at 3, after a coffee/tea date with Jess.

xxoo and baby bunny kisses

Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Josephine

Jo is 3 today. Time sure flies.

I got my hair chopped again. Brought in a picture to style it after, came out with a lot less hair and not looking like the photo. Was quite upset. Still worried about what Niall will think.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Niall!

It's my man's 22nd birthday today.

I made him scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast.

(it's also Josie's 3rd birthday party; 1-3pm today)