Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Bunday!

Perseus, hiding in his little corner behind the door.
Today I'm Funleading 11:45-4. Have a Hawaiian themed birthday party and a fun swim which will probably be Olympic themed.
THE GAME IS ON TODAY --> GO CANADA GO!!!! Kick their asses, boys!
I think I have a wisdom tooth coming in. My lower right. It's SO sore and totally swollen. Ughnnnhhh.. Not cool.

My Aldo headband that I got a few weeks ago now for... ooh around $10? It's a wee bit too small for my head so needs bobby pins (which I always seem to lose).
Was just messing around with it. I actually had a good hair/makeup day yesterday!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

wish list - in the grey (because I like the pink). - I'm really into headbands right now. Just need to actually wear them...

American Eagle - softest harem pants in black ($25.50) .. also come in anthracite.

American Eagle - tiered embellished skirt in ballet pink ($29.95) .. also comes in grey.
Gap - nautical hoodie in orange stripe ($39.50) .. also comes in blue stripe.

American Eagle - women's slouchy studded sweater ($49.50) in navy ash.

American Eagle - embellished flutter sleeve tee ($29.50) in vintage blush .. also comes in ebony, chalk, cocoa powder.

Le Chateau - striped tank party dress ($139.95)

puffer fish

july 2008
july 2009
apparently that facial expression is stickin' around!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Gap: 1145-615 today. Have to make it to the Monkeytree Pub by 6:30 for the hockey game!
Not feeling so hot today (this always happens on Gap days, probably because I dread going there) - my cold is worse and still have a croaky throat. Since last Thursday!!

Updated my blog header today. I get so bored with it... I need to find a favourite picture and just stick with it!

Transfered Niall some rent+ money, am out $450 now. Boo.

It's super windy out. Hoping it gets warmer... though it probably won't.

Enjoy your days!

xxoo baby bunny kisses

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I have the buns out, my Quatchi slippers on, and am putting away laundry.
So happy that the report cards are all done!
And it's payday tomorrow!

the bag has come!

The bag has come! After a year and a bit of ogling it online, it came!

Jess brought the box over last night (Boudica is currently scurrying through it and over it and through it...) and we opened up our lovely gorgeous long awaited bags.

Actually, I thought they would get here closer to March but it was a happy surprise!

Mine is a lovely size. Large with pockets for cell phones and whatnot. It is more green than it shows on the website - which I like because now it looks more teal and seafoamy than sky blue.

So happy!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Whenever report card time is around everything gets pushed to the back burner. Also, my Dad is down so have been helping his paint over at the condo.
No chores being done, I also subbed till 7:30 last night so was tired and Dad took me to White Spot to eat.
Promise after my report cards are done I shall be back to blogging full steam!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

my dad is down here for a couple of days, came down last night.
we will be doing some baseboard painting, getting the condo ready to sell.
i also have to work at the pool today (as usual) so am heading over at 9 then work then back tomorrow in the am.

have a lovely day; it's rather grey today...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Good morning,
Just woke up and it's another beautiful day. I hope it stays like this for quite some time and decides to warm up. I love sunshine! Also the heat.

Today I have to finish writing my report cards. I did two days worth yesterday then needed to do chores.
Last night we went over to Amanda's house to watch the Canada vs. US Mens Hockey. What a game! A dissapointment but at least we will get to watch them play again against Germany. We also saw the figure skating which the Canadian pair did amazing on!

Dica is sitting in the hallway staring at me and I want her to come and cuddle but I'm eating and orange and she will probably beg for it. Haha, silly wabbit.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Writing report cards for my swimming lessons.
Hope y'all are having a great sunny Sunday!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My day with Emily

She got here around 12:45 and we skeedoodled our way to her grandma's to put away groceries. Then to Winners and Old Navy. Did some snooping and she got a fruit basket and... I don't remember.
Then we had to pay for her parents van to be fixed so stopped there before heading back to her house. Picked out some movies to watch then went to Blockbuster and rented The Proposal (which we watched tonight). Also stopped at DQ and got Blizzards - just remembered mine's in the freezer!!
We went to my house and played with the buns for a few hours then went to Thrifty's to get dinner supplies. Made "Chef Gordon f***ing Ramsey Chicken Strips" as Emily was calling them, and caesar salad. Watched the movie whilst eating dinner then after that was done watched Sweet Home Alabama (which I have not seen in years!!!).
After that was done we chatted for awhile and then she went home.

The bunnies have been out basically all day and I cannot believe how good they have been!! I am going to let them both sleep in the bedroom with the gate across so I can hear if anything goes down. Crossing my fingers I won't be sleeping too soundly!

I should really do the dishes and vacuum. Niall will be coming home tomorrow on an early ferry and I want to get a load of clothes in before I have to go pick him up.

It was a very good day for this sicky. My voice has been off and on all day but my throat is still very sore.

baby bunny kisses and to all a good night!


Good morning,
I had a nice sleep in until 9. Didn't really miss Niall because I got the whole bed to myself, muahahaha! I let Boudica and Perseus out first thing this morning, they've been playing with each other and now Dica is flopped by the sliding glass doors and P is rummaging around in his box. So cute.
Today is a nice looking day outside, but windy. There are more clouds in the sky today which kind of sucks but perhaps it will warm it up. Still sunny like yesterday, though!
No Gap today, so no plans for me!
I need to do my toenails and possibly nails with my new OPI I got yesterday: Elephantastic Pink.
I have $57 to last me until payday (seriously???) so will not be buying anything this weekend, that's for sure. Good thing I have enough groceries to last me until my sugar daddy is back to pay for his share! Haha.
Speaking of which (Niall) - he is in Vancouver right now and remembered to phone me last night. He was hanging out at his brother's house (who either has a flu or the cold so he better not get my bf sick!) and saw some cool downtown Olympic sights. He went over with his friends from school so they are meeting up today and going to see the torch/Cauldron etc. Neat. I told him he'd better take lots of pictures!
The buns keep jumping up and down on the bed (as in up, then hopping back onto the floor). Last night was P's first time getting up all by himself.
Need to shower and condition my hair. Damn chlorine is giving it a beating!
xxoo enjoy your Fridays!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I was the pool for a very long time today. Totally exhausted and I have no voice.
Currently: downloading The Ugly Truth and watching my two baby bunnies chase each other around the room. They are actually binking! This is so cute!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm feeling slightly blah today. I have nothing to do today until 2:30 (work time) but I can't seemed to really get going...
(photo from May 2009)
It is a lovely day outside. I feel like tanning at the condo but it is much too cold. Maybe I'll head over there after my shower and try on some older dresses...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

some old photos from a disposable camera - April 2009?

old photos

I've been cleaning up my computer and going through some old photos. The cherry blossoms are starting to come out (it's February!) and I found this photo which was taken in May:

Monday, February 15, 2010

sweet dreams!
I'm not sure how I feel about these: ... but I know I love the colour!
<-- my face on Friday
Perseus and Boudica have had full run of the house all morning. Now Dica is sulking because I put her in Perseus' hutch (to get her used to being in a tighter corner for when we move) and I can hear Perseus jumping through the cardboard boxes.
Gosh, they are cute.

Had a good Valentine's Day. Niall stayed home till noon-ish when I drove him to school and picked up him at 6. Em and I went for lunch at Timmy's and then went to Walmart. Twas a good afternoon.
Niall and I made spaghetti for dinner along with garlic bread and a salad. We tried to watch the Tudors and an episode of Saturday Night Live but megavideo kept cutting out. Grr.

Saturday my parents left after I went over to visit them. Not even going to write about that, jeez. I was having a shitty day so Em and Sarah stopped by the cheer me up. It worked, and I ended up going out to Social with them that night. Very fun but both were quite drunk. Em has nice guy friends who look after the girls so that is good.

Today I have done nothing but play with the buns. I need to shower and then I will catch up on my Grey's Anatomy (2 episodes I've missed!!).
Working at 3.

we got gooooold!

Alexandre Bilodeau - gold for men's moguls; freestyle skiing.
Jennifer Heil - silver for ladies' moguls; freestyle skiing.
Kristina Groves - bronze for ladie's 3000m; speed skating.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Heart Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
No matter if you are single or attached, I hope you have a fantastic day!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Exactly one year ago today, we brought home Boudica Valentine Duker McPherson.
Our baby Lionhead bunny - she was just 3 months old.
A little bundle of fluff who could hardly hop; now she can jump to the top of the couch and back down in a matter of seconds.
A little shy at first, she flopped on the couch between her new mommy and daddy that very first night. Now she doesn`t leave Mommy`s side and covers her with kisses.
My favourite little girl. My white and grey fluffy snuggler...
I love you Boudica! You have made the last year of my life extraordinary!
... and I think you will get a special mango treat tonight :)

thank goodness it's friday

So I got to sleep in today. Then shower etc and off to Amanda's to sit for Jo.
Met up with my parental units (who are here until Saturday sometime) at the condo to look at flooring samples.
Then out for lunch with Emily and Sarah, Jess joined us later. We went to Red Robin and I got "clucks and fries" which was too big of a lunch for me. Phew! Some yummy Freckle Lemonade (strawberries in lemonade).
Then we ventured to the mall so Em could get some Gap stuff (with my employee discount!) and I got a repeat of my pink ruffley shirt due to pizza spillage on Wednesday night.
There's not too much in at the mall right now. I'm really wanting a dress with pockets! Jess tried on this one at American Eagle: and it looked SO good on her.

And now for me, time to clean. Dishes and vacuuming await (yayy...).

Happy Fridays!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Another lovely outing with Jess. We went downtown to Paboom to pick up V-day gifts for Sarah and Em. Then went to Murchies' for lunch. First tray is Jess, second silver tray is mine!

Stopped by Hemmingways to look at rubber boots. Also a closing down makeup store. Very quick jaunt out but fun as ever.

I feel the need to shopppppp...

my new shirt

paired with a grey cardigan!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

AHHHH!!!!! Bag heaven!

Ahh! The bag that I have lusted over for about a year is finally on sale!!!!
Now justo to convince someone with a credit card to get it for me, and to choose the colour!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

soo beat

em came over tonight.
we watched superbad and ate food.
it was fun.
now i'm going to bed.

(does this entry sound like something from journal of a first grader or what?!

a good haul

Did laundry then went to save-on foods...
got two tres semme conditioners, one deodorant for Niall, and face moisturizer for me.
a cheesecake, and cookies for Ni`s lunches. (oooh about $50 right there.)

proceeded to the mall where I tried on various sizes of the same shirt (the ruffle one from Gap).
ended up with an XS (wtf!!) in pink and one in white for Jess. got myself a new headband at Aldo.
tried on some Alice in Wonderland shirts at Off the Wall.
and got a V-day surprise for Jess, which I won`t list here because she may read this!
**edit: she has already got the goody bag. The treat was this pirate's treasure chest necklace!**
Her goody bag for tonight is now complete, and I am going to have some mango and tea before heading to the pool.

clothes i want right now

1. Old Navy - women's button front twill romper in "black jack" ($24.50)

2. Old Navy - women's lounge romper in "black jack" ($16.50)

3. Gap - rugby striped u-neck t in "pink stripe" ($19.50)

4. Gap - tiered ruffle tank in "belle pink" ($29.50)

5. Gap - supersoft cropped-sleeve pullover in "blue heather" ($34.50)

6. Gap - destructed slouchy skinny jeans in "medium wash" ($69.50)