Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yesterday Perseus was neutered.

The vet (Dr. Oomah) was excellent, answering all of my questions.
He seemed to really care about my bun, and know a lot about buns in general.
We picked Perce up last night and he was a bit groggy.
He also has a blue cone on due to him licking his stiches.

Last night sometime he must have taken it off, he is a sneaky little bugger.
It is back on and he's pouting in his corner. Poor sweet cherub!

Will be giving him lots of treats today.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

december wish list

christmas lights:
christmas tree:
really thick soft socks.
new festive undies.
december and january magazine issues of...
lou lou,
in style,
elle and ellecanada,
batman sheets or comforter (queen size).
something sparkly/with sequins -- this is preferably for my sparkle party next weekend but also in the holiday spirit, sparkles are always a hit.
kingston memory card/usb of 4gb (or higher).
a fantastic party dress.
candy canes.

on the fourth day of christmas...

so my weeks of late have been report cards for swimming lessons. They take sooo long to write and we only get paid for 15 minutes of work per class. If you have a class with 3 kids, sure that's fine, but try 10 or even 16. Not cool.

Last night Niall came home a bit early and we went out to buy supplies for a romantic dinner.
Candles, salmon with crab rolled inside of it, garlic mashed potatoes, and a salad.
It was lovely.
We also rented Star Trek which was so much better than I had thought.

Yesterday I had a lovely day of lunch with Emily and then to the mall with Patten (Jessica, but we usually call her by her last name).
My Sparkle Party (for end of the pool work) is on for next Saturday and I am ever so excited.
We're doing a Swap and Share (like off of the Office) and I am buying Christmas lights today.

I also need to get Steph a birthday present (last Friday was the big 24) as she is coming to town this evening for her birthday party!

This morning I am redying my hair so best get on that as I have a lot to do today before I pick up Niall at 1pm.



baby bunny bisous, and Perseus says hi. He just hopped across the keyboard as he was binkying around (he's so happy right now).
Oooh yes, I know, I'm terribly sorry.
I've been slacking off at the blog.

Have not written since our 3.5 year anniversary.


and also wish you a happy friday :)
there is a forecast of snow!