Thursday, September 3, 2009

it's absolutely pouring outside!

and i'm still shnug in my housecoat :)

will head to the shower sooner or later, but as i did dye my hair this week - i'm trying to go as long as i can without washing it.

potential workwear (if i had the $$) **** for some reason photobucket is not letting me post my pictures, i may be switching storage sites soon! ****

1. silence and noise, high waisted harem pant. $58

2. anthropologie, texture study dress. $168.76

3. anthropologie, quiet echo pants. $88.94

4. anthropologie, seasonless skirt. $100.35

5. asos, patrizia pepe wool mix stretch peg leg trousers. 150 pounds.

6. asos, tapered leg 7/8 trousers. 30 pounds.

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