Thursday, September 3, 2009

bunny update

This afternoon I took everything bunny-ish out of the bedroom and did a huge vacuum.
Then I moved Perseus' hutch into the bedroom, and arranged all of Boudica's things around the hutch.

This was happening while the two baby buns were in their carrying cases in the kitchen.

They have been happily adapting to the new room arrangement (and roomies!) and I just went in to the bedroom to give them both a treat.
Dica loves cucumber so I thought I may try to give Perseus some, as well. He isn't supposed to have veggies yet (not until about 6 months) but we started Dica on very few veggies at 3 months, so why not.

Turns out, he LOVES cucumber. Almost nibbled my finger off looking for more.

Aww, so cute. (as Josie would say)

xxoo bbk.

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