Wednesday, September 30, 2009

just talked to Faja in Cambodia where he met his second grandbunny; Perseus :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

tuesday to do list!

1. work 9-11:30 at pool
2. vacuum whole apartment
3. wash dishes
4. drop towels off at condo, pick up small plates
5. clean bunny trays
6. pick up Ni at 4pm
7. clean counter tops in bathroom and kitchen
8. work 7-11pm at le gap

Monday, September 28, 2009

i'm in a funk today.

ban. bann. bandaid.

i am putting myself on a shopping ban (other than groceries, gas).

i need to save money!

so! no gap, unless i will be paid back.
no aldo.
no timmy's.
no food court at the mall.
no vending machines at the pool.

possibly need something still for my hallowe'en costume from ebay, but that will not count.

i need to sell some bags and older shoes.
i need $$$$$$!!!

i wish this was my home.

feeling better

Thursday: off sick from work.
Friday: off sick from work.
Saturday: went mini golfing to celebrate 3 years, 4 month anniversary. Also bought Lego Batman game so played that for awhile on the computer.
Sunday: worked 8am-12. Not too bad, cleaned and then had a tour of babyGap.

We grocery shopped and then played Batman. Also made a chicken pot pie for dinner...

which Niall dropped out of the oven. HA!
He was so mad, but I didn't care. Just couldn't stop laughing as I scooped it up onto the plates. It didn't fall onto the floor, just the bottom of the oven so that was good.
He will never live this down.

Today I work at 3:30. Going to do some chores etc before work because I am feeling better. Hurrah!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

dead tired. dead beat.

6 hours at the Gap tonight.
8 hours tomorrow.

Ohh goodness, my knees hurt.

But! I got new shoes and a headband from Aldo :)
a little gold necklace of a... skeleton in an almost tux with a pirate hat.
and because it was 2 for 1, this necklace for my sister:

my babies are growing up

Yesterday I phoned a bunch of vets to see about getting Perseus fixed.
No dice, he's only almost 4 months and they do the surgery at 6 months.

P is almost the same size as my baby girl! They are getting along so much better now. She lets him lick her head and he doesn't try to hump her (as much). Haha!

I can hear them running around their room (he still lives in his giant hutch, she get the whole room).

Ahh, sibling rivalry?


i ended up getting sick at work last night.
my boss had to drive me home.

not up to anything today.
they subbed my morning shift off, but i have to babysit at 12:30 and then gap at 4-10.

so shakey and just feeling gross and sore.

enjoy your thursdays, this week went by so fast.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Well, it is officially fall and I think acceptable to start having pumpkin pie, and other things pumpkin spiced. Technically, I started having pumpkin pie last season, near the end of August. Whoops!

I love the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, and it just so happens that I have a giftcard from a family I taught swimming lessons to!
I also nabbed a $10 Timmy's gift card from work for being a stellar teacher. Sweet.
I have a 10% discount at AE right now due to credits... hmm...
And of course my 50% discount on non-sale items at the Gap!

For fashion, I am craving these:
Urban Outfitters White Rabbit V Neck -
Mysi Majority dresses...
AE necklace t in grey.

Gap school boy khakis.
Gap favourite crew neck tshirt in grey. ** I ended up getting this yesterday, can never have enough tshirts! (I have 2) **
Gap cashmere blend shawl cardigan. (I have this in the coral colour and love it but think I got it a size too small)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the first day of fall

It looks more like summer than it has in the past three weeks!
Loving the sunshine and the 24* heat!

Had a bunch of preschool swim lessons this morning and a level 3 of homeschool children.
Done until 1:30 tomorrow, kind of niiiice!!

Hope everyone's first day of fall is going as great as mine.

... feeling the need to do a mega photo shoot and post some new pictures.

xxoo baby bunny kisses

-- the buns won't come near me because I am all chloriney.
i have three followers!!!
never ever thought anyone would actually read my blog but that kind of made my day.

Monday, September 21, 2009

this is how i've taken to wearing my hair lately.
slightly curled, loose bangs hidden under a side swept chunk of hair.
Ni really likes. me too!

Hello, Cupcake!

2.5 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
.5 teaspoon baking soda
.5 teaspoon salt
.5 cup milk
.5 cup veggie oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 stick of butter
1 cup sugar
3 large eggs
mix dry ingredients (flour, baking powder and soda, salt) in one bowl.
mix wet ingredients (milk, oil, vanilla) in another bowl.
mix sugar and butter in one big bowl.
once sugar/butter is light and fluffy, add the flour bowl, then the wet bowl, then flour bowl (etc) until all ingredients are in butter bowl and finish with flour mix last.
mix mix mix, here i added a whole whack of red food colouring to get the pink colour.
pour into cupcake pan, lined with those cute paper liners.
oven should be preheated at 350* F.
bake 15-20 minutes, until toothpick can slide in and out smooth.

monday madness

well, i have been super busy and unable to update in the last (almost) week.

this weekend was very niiice (borat).
friday night i worked until 10:20 at the gap, and Ni was over at a friend's place. i picked him up and we got home close to 1am. i was very very tired.
saturday Ni had a dentist appt so we were up and downtown by 9. then went to the gap to look for some polo shirts. headed over to value village and changed our mind on our hallowe'en costumes.

sherlock holmes and dr. watson. elementary, my dears!
\\am getting excited!!

Ni's mom came down to take us and his sister and her bf out for dinner. we were going to go to an Imax but Ni ended up getting super sick, poor man.
so we watched a bunch of the office.
yesterday my sister came down, and we went out for brunch. i had my pool inservice at 1:45 which was smack in the middle of the day, boo.
Ni and i did groceries and made chicken burgs and yam fries for dinner. yum yum.
we watched a couple more offices and then Xmen Origins: Wolverine.

back to the pool this morning... 9:45 - 11, and then back 3:30 - 7.
hopefully i will get to see my sister today, as well.

xxoo baby bunny kisses.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

some inspiration on a lovely tuesday

freja (carrying the bottled water) is one of my favourite models. possibly because in her down time she looks so down to earth, possibly because i wish i could wear my hair and clothes the way that she does.
i'm going to try to copy her hair style today. wish me luck!

am making some shocking pink cupcakes. with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles.
boudica is being such a sweetheart today! perseus is a tired little man, but he was up quite late last night chewing on some cardboard. love them so so much.

also, N and i decided what we are going to be for hallowe'en!
i will be elphaba thropp - also known as the wicked witch of the west in the wicked books.
N is going to be a flying monkey.

i adore hallowe'en. it my favourite "holiday" -- ha!

Monday, September 14, 2009

shoe porn

best weekend ever, part 1

Sorry I have not written much lately.
Been spending some time with the Boy and we had a very relaxing weekend.

The title I took from a blogger I used to read on myspace: Sarah Morrison. Me and my friend Shannon (great grammar, I know) used to read it weekly. I miss that. So I shall start doing Best Weekend(s) Ever!

On Friday I had the day off (again, job officially starts tonight) so I made cupcakes, went to the mall, got some new boots, and some more paperwork filled out at the Gap.
Friday night we went over to our friend Joel's new place that he is living in with his new girlfriend. Technically they've been going out for almost a year but he has been living up North for a year and we'd hardly spoken to him during that time.
Anyways! Dinner was great; lasagne with bread and a salad, and then we played cards and Scene It and some other games later (Trivial Pursuits boys vs. girls, they won. Grr)
His brother and his girlfriend live in the same complex so they came up after dinner for games.

Saturday we basically had an The Office marathon and didn't leave the house. I mean not once. - It was great! - and then yesterday we did chores, cleaned up the apartment, some laundry and grocery shopping. Made nachos for dinner while watching some more Office and then went to see Inglourious Basterds which was great. Wow.

So! That is the update of my weekend.

Friday, September 11, 2009


new boots, freshly baked vanilla cupcakes.


boots are from le chateau.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


some black flats.
some fall boots.
some dressy-ish pants.

- for work, of course.

I only have a few pairs of jeans (read 2) that would be suitable for work.

i have little to no tops that would... hmm.

definetly need a high neckline tshirt.
maybe another cartigan.

this is so great, because i only have $21. fabulous.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

now entering Gapland

I had my orientation at the Gap last night. There are 5 newbies and everyone seems really nice.
An incredibly super awesome perk; 50% discounts!

Which has led me onto the Gap website and linking all the things I want... - slightly Blair Waldorf-ish - real straight - skinny - skinny

We had to watch this like 45 minute video on all the jeans last night.
Oooh goodness.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

lusting after

why are they tormenting me by posting new colours?,+product.marketingPriority,-product.startDate&navCount=105&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=W_ACC_BAGS&popId=WOMENS_ACCESSORIES&prepushId=

Monday, September 7, 2009

labour day

and it will be a working day.
around the house, that is.

i've procrastinated and put everything off till today.

taking the garbage out

quite a list.

i also just got a phone call from the Gap.
i got a job!

so, mornings at the pool and evenings at the Gap.
a pretty busy fall, i hope i still get to see my boyfriend and bunnies!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


went well!

dismal sunday 06-09-09

Gap interview at 1:30.

Must shower, paint nails and toenails.
Wash dishes, do some laundry, and water the cedars (it is POURING rain but they are under a balconey so cannot get any H2O).
Check up on BlackJack - Amanda's cat.
Clean up around the house.

I'm thinking very light pink nails and hot pink (or just a bit of a darker pink) on my toenails.
I have grey on my fingernails for a couple of days and man oh man is that hard to take off!

I think I'm going to have my hair sort of wavy today? Maybe a big barrel curl if I go pick that up from Amanda's.

- The alarm is going off and I'm already up, love it when that happens.

Am listening to a mix of La Roux, Imogen Heap, Shakira's - She Wolf, and The Sounds.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just finished watching The Ugly Truth - and it was fantastic!

long weekend saturday

Good morning!

Well, Ni just left for home this morning with his sister, so I am here for the weekend by myself and with the buns.

It looks like it is going to be a rather sunny day (and hopefully will turn hotter) so the beach with a book may be in order!

I also got a call back from the Gap yesterday and I have an interview tomorrow at 1:30.
If I get this job... clothing clothing clothing perks! Wahoo.

Yesterday Niall took the day off so we did some household chores (laundry), he fixed up his bike, and we went downtown. Went out for lunch at Pho Vy - a lovely Vietnamese place, and had a garlic pork and rice noodle dish with spring rolls. Yum yum.

As a side note - I cannot use chopsticks.

We walked around downtown for a bit, did a brief stop into MEC and LuluLemon. Went in to a record store as well to look for posters.

Later that evening we met up with our old friend Doug and his girlfriend Vanessa for dinner. Went to 5th St Bar & Grill and I had the garlic chicken wings and we all split a flat bread.
They followed us back to our place, met the buns and we showed them around. We were all overtired so watched silly youtube videos for about an hour, then made our way over to Doug's brother's house where we stayed laughing and drinking (I was DD) until 2:30 in the morning.

It was a very enjoyable evening! We've been feeling like we're 50 lately and have no life so taking it out on each other. But we had a big chat yesterday morning so we're good. PHEW.

xxoo baby bunny kisses

Friday, September 4, 2009

almost the long weekend!

laundry and downtown today.
ni played hookie from work and it was fantastic.
took me out for lunch, and i also got a call back from a job.
no dice, they want mornings and i want evenings.
dissapointed, but what to do :(

today's outfit:

black skirt - the Gap

purple tank top - Off the Wall, Song?

grey cardigan - the Gap

Yes, our Mickey Mouse clock is upside down. It wasn't working properly, so we took it in for repairs and they "fixed" it like this... who the heck doesn't know Mickey Mouses' head shape?!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

bunny update

This afternoon I took everything bunny-ish out of the bedroom and did a huge vacuum.
Then I moved Perseus' hutch into the bedroom, and arranged all of Boudica's things around the hutch.

This was happening while the two baby buns were in their carrying cases in the kitchen.

They have been happily adapting to the new room arrangement (and roomies!) and I just went in to the bedroom to give them both a treat.
Dica loves cucumber so I thought I may try to give Perseus some, as well. He isn't supposed to have veggies yet (not until about 6 months) but we started Dica on very few veggies at 3 months, so why not.

Turns out, he LOVES cucumber. Almost nibbled my finger off looking for more.

Aww, so cute. (as Josie would say)

xxoo bbk.
i am going crazy in my own head.

i want that bag from urban outfitters.
i want those previously posted pants from there, too.
i want some boots and some black flats.
i want a pencil skirt that i tried on in rw&co and fell in love with.


fashion shmashion

today's outfit, for running errands:


black bra - la senza
coral bra - lulu lemon
orange tank - roxy
black blazer - rw&co
leopard print short shorts - billabong

it's absolutely pouring outside!

and i'm still shnug in my housecoat :)

will head to the shower sooner or later, but as i did dye my hair this week - i'm trying to go as long as i can without washing it.

potential workwear (if i had the $$) **** for some reason photobucket is not letting me post my pictures, i may be switching storage sites soon! ****

1. silence and noise, high waisted harem pant. $58

2. anthropologie, texture study dress. $168.76

3. anthropologie, quiet echo pants. $88.94

4. anthropologie, seasonless skirt. $100.35

5. asos, patrizia pepe wool mix stretch peg leg trousers. 150 pounds.

6. asos, tapered leg 7/8 trousers. 30 pounds.

Inspiration on a Thursday

There has been little in the way of outfit postings, because they are all so boring.
Rotating through a few different pairs of jeans, rolled at the cuff, and some t-shirts.

Hopefully the weekend wear will be stunning.

Niall is heading to a family gathering and I shall be at home with the wee buns.

Right now, I am sitting and catching up on blogging whilst in my housecoat. Finally brought it over from the condo! The buns love it, and again I am the pink polar bear/ninja.

I stumbled across a few new blogs this morning and am loving them so far... - is fantastic. This gal is super cute and very stylish. If only my blog could become a mere shadow of hers! - witty name, these always catch my eye.

I will probably update the posts a little later, with a wish list. As per usual.

xxoo baby bunny kisses.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i am feeling out of sorts today.

yesterday i did some cleaning and organizing, and then went to the mall with Amanda and Josie. we looked at potential clothings for me for work.

still searching for a job... no luck so far.
i will have to print off some resumes and hand them in today all over town.

have applied at quite a few stores...

work out today.
more cleaning.
must head to condo for laundry and ni's work clothes.

it is a grey grey day today...
come back sun!


*** amanda was sick today so hopped over there for a bit. steve even came home from work. hope i don't get it next!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September the First

It is September the first today.

It seems like summer is slowly winding down; the days are getting a bit cooler, and at night we don't have to have the fan on anymore.
I'm not as worried about the baby buns overheating during the day, Boudica hasn't even had a frozen milk jug for the last couple of days!

Today I am going to start organizing clothes. Summer, fall, winter. Lounge vs. work. Almost all of my clothes would fit into the "lounge" category, because up until now I have only had to worry about bathing suits and wetsuits for work clothes.
No hair, makeup, perfume or whatever to put on at the beginning of the day.
Just get up and go... for the past 3 years.

I am job searching and it has not been easy. I've put in applications as serveral retailers now, and will probably print off a bunch of resumes today to hand out tomorrow to restaurants.

I am still going slow because of my broken toe/foot. It is very sore but what can you do?

I need an ideas book for the fall. Perhaps I shall make one of those today, as well. That would be a great creative outlet, and I haven't had one in awhile.

Also need to figure out which kind of work clothes I would need. IPES!

Happy September. We still have to hang on to summer...