Monday, September 14, 2009

best weekend ever, part 1

Sorry I have not written much lately.
Been spending some time with the Boy and we had a very relaxing weekend.

The title I took from a blogger I used to read on myspace: Sarah Morrison. Me and my friend Shannon (great grammar, I know) used to read it weekly. I miss that. So I shall start doing Best Weekend(s) Ever!

On Friday I had the day off (again, job officially starts tonight) so I made cupcakes, went to the mall, got some new boots, and some more paperwork filled out at the Gap.
Friday night we went over to our friend Joel's new place that he is living in with his new girlfriend. Technically they've been going out for almost a year but he has been living up North for a year and we'd hardly spoken to him during that time.
Anyways! Dinner was great; lasagne with bread and a salad, and then we played cards and Scene It and some other games later (Trivial Pursuits boys vs. girls, they won. Grr)
His brother and his girlfriend live in the same complex so they came up after dinner for games.

Saturday we basically had an The Office marathon and didn't leave the house. I mean not once. - It was great! - and then yesterday we did chores, cleaned up the apartment, some laundry and grocery shopping. Made nachos for dinner while watching some more Office and then went to see Inglourious Basterds which was great. Wow.

So! That is the update of my weekend.

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