Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I've been reading the blogs Cup of Jo and Color Me Katie.
They both feature some wicked photography, with bright popping colours and great light, that is really making me want a new camera.
Birthday is in just over a month... wishlist time???

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lack of Updates

I went home last Friday and since then have been extremely sick with a bad bad cold.
It was my little sister's grad on Wednesday, so I will have to post some pictures later.

- Went out for dinner Saturday night with the parental units. Also went to "The Proposal", soooo funny.
- Went golfing on Sunday for Father's Day.
- Got a new dress for wee sister's grad on the weekend and went out and about town with Mom a few days.

Boudica was home with me and really enjoyed playing outside on the sundeck. Mom and Dad really appreciated her being there as we all really miss Amber.

Back in Vic as of last night and today I'm babysitting Josie. We're watching the Backyardigans.

photos of le week...


Friday, June 19, 2009

RIP Amber.

My dog died yesterday.



August 24th, 1998 - June 18th, 2009.

We love you very very much, and will miss you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

another wishlist.

still digging the sailor necklace from aldo -- Photobucket ... they don't have this at the aldo store in town anymore, but i'm still hoping it will come back.
would look so cute with this ring: Photobucket

i can totally imagine this chunker sitting on my wrist on my birthday eve: Photobucket

this is a lovely clutch, but i mainly want the pins! Photobucket

i also need to pick up all the july issues of my favourite magazines! i always get as many july issues as i can. it used to be like seventeen etc for the horoscopes, but now that i am actually into fashion - it's for everything!

We Went to Hawaii

... No, not really. But we went to the beach again and had a fun photo shoot in the waves!

Hair down is from Friday, hair up is from Sunday. We went to a different beach on Saturday but didn't take any pictures. Went dingy-ing instead, and also had a bbq with the guys at their place that evening.

An EXCELLENT weekend :)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

happy hump day!

Oh goodness me - a huge sneezing attack. Summer allergies, gotta love 'em.
Babysat for Little J yesterday, but her mama came home from work way early so the three of us went to the beach!
Have almot 100 photos, but will post the favourites.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


why is it that when i do not have any money (or am in glorious debt to my lovely man) i find all these things that i just must have? i do not understand. my twisted brain. thank goodness for window(s internet explorer) shopping!

1. a new camera - mine has had a virus for over a year, and though i love it dearly... it's slowly dying. the flash works when it wants, the picture quality sucks, and the shutter opens halfway most of the time.

2. some fantastic party dresses. it's my bday in over a month, and i kind of want to go glamazon...

3. why oh why do i like the knife store in the mayfair mall? i want cutting boards and bright coloured knives. weird.

4. extensions. lovely red ones. to make my hair long long longgg (think jean grey in the 3rd xmen?)

5. these wedges: http://www.aldoshoes.com/ca-eng/women/sandals/wedges/72678929-brozek/28

6. i need to re-dye my hair. this is not a wishing item, it just has to be done. i'm thinking the day after my lessons for this swim set finish. woohoo!

7. some fantastic makeup. not that i wear anything other than mascara, but it'd be nice to have an option. http://www.maccosmetics.ca/templates/looks/look.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CATEGORY31841

8. triple stacked gold rings for my middle finger on my left hand - kind of like jennifer aniston in he's just not that into you. plus, with a tan gold always looks good!

Friday, June 5, 2009


It's been a hot hot week, temperatures ranging from 28* to 33* at one pointe yesterday. Backyard pool time, as well as bubbles, sprinklers and sunscreen! Frizbee in the evening with the man, and then dinner where it's too hot to cook anything!
I adore summer. I'm also loving the new bathing suit and jumper. Wore those both over to Amanda's yesterday, that bathing suit gives great support when jumping through the sprinkler!
Today I really need to go pick up some plates at Canadian Tire. I'm thinking their fun garden ones. Also need to do a coat of primer and some laundry at the condo.

This is my wishlist for today:
http://www.aldoshoes.com/ca-eng/accessories/womens/necklaces/74422126-bourbonnais/62 - how cute would that look! slightly sailorish :)
http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?itemdescription=true&itemCount=60&startValue=61&selectedProductColor=&sortby=&id=16162968&parentid=W_APP_DRESSES&sortProperties=+subCategoryPosition,price&navCount=114&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=W_APP_DRESSES&popId=WOMENS_APPAREL&prepushId= - for an evening out? (perhaps my bday which is more than a month away)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

new new new

swimsuit!!! --> volcom. aqua with a girl on it. very bad french translations. so cute.

jumper!!! --> maux, blue.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday, June 1st

Fitting how the start of a month should fall on a Monday. I like that kind of symmetry.

Last day of nannying is tomorrow, and today I'm "nannying" Little J. Then at the pool from 3:30-7.

It's supposed to be a high of 27* today, so definetly wearing a dress and bringing my swim suit (not the work one, though I do have to bring that).

Last week was all about backyard bubbles and pool, with an odd trip to the beach. Great sunshine-y times!

I'm a bit tanned, too.

This weekend has been busy. Sanding, painting, picking up furniture, got a new tv, frizbee, bbq-ing, slushees...
-- Stopped by Gap to look for more dresses there yesterday, have some really cute ones in but they don't fit!!!

Photobucket - in a variety of colours

Tyler & Yuri's Wedding

took place in Van down at English Bay :)

Photobucket Keel and Brian at the lunch

Photobucket - Us

Photobucket - the kids at the beach

Photobucket - at the beach, with Mom and minus Dad

Photobucket - Mr. and Mrs.


Photobucket - ferry lineup

PhotobucketPhotobucket - mandatory "I'm on a boat" pictures!