Monday, August 31, 2009

The job hunt has begun...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

i love

i wish i had moola

Friday, August 28, 2009

aldo mega long wishlist

boots & shoes: - needs more of a heel - too round of a toe.




bags: (mens)

bunny love


Perseus is just a little lovey guy, wants to shnuggle close to Dica. Dica would rather snuggle next to Mum, so it's win-win when they snuggle both beside me!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

hair today, gone tomorrow.

one month and 2 days ago: Photobucket
yesterday: Photobucket

A haircut and a sprained toe

I got 7+ inches off. I was in shock.

And then, came home with N, tried to jump over the bunny gate but nope.
Ate it.
Totally face down on the floor.

Ni comes around the kitchen corner concered asking how I was. "Are you okay?"
But later...

"I can't believe you hit the deck!"

Thanks, honey.

Now I have either a sprained or broken toe. I think sprained, but some medical journals lead me to believe it may be broken (I had a fever last night).

How the heck am I going to do flutter kick today with that?!




Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last Wednesday of the month and of August lessons! Woohoo.
Time to do report cards, and de-chlorify, starting on Friday.

This afternoon I'm going to head into town and look for glasses with N. We may do lunch, as well, and then I'm going to try to get a haircut. Not too stoked on paying $30 and up...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


i know you are going through some rough patches with your family, and things are a little bit hectic at work; but it's no reason to take it out on me.
i'm the one who has been supporting you through it all, and i'm the one who really cares.
stop being such a jerk and maybe smile at me for a change, instead of complaining.

i love you, but you're being a dickhead and made me cry this morning.
From constantly putting my hair in a high bun while wet, to dying it every 6 weeks... and then of course there I am in chlorine for about 6 hours every day.

My hair is dying and splitting and I am getting sad.

I need a haircut.
And it's going to be about 3-4inches off...

I'm thinking something like this:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

pure blue skyyy


gorgeous out today.

fantastic idea

spotted on

she had a bloody fantastic idea, i may use this next weekend!

me and my (2nd) baby

Well, today is Thursday and I am feeling quite well rested.
Woke up 6:40 and went to bed around 10:30 last night.
It felt like Friday yesterday, and swimming lessons dragged out so bloody long.

Hopefully today will be better!
I still have a giant to-do list, but at least I got all the cleaning done.
Need to head to the condo, sort some stuff out there, do some laundry, and water the plants. Yikes, hopefully they are still alive.

Also need to go to Amanda's, pick up some books, pick up a pie, and drop a tv remote off.

I thiiiiink I'm working till 11:30 today (hope hope hope) so I can do that on the way home, and then shower and do the rest until it's back to work at 5.
We're going to Ni's sister's house for dinner tonight. I'm glad we don't have to cook, though I made corn on the cob last night and it was delicious!
I love corn on the cob...

Like all other bloggers (a little late on posting, but right on the bandwagon) I am liking Alexa Chung. Her sense of style is fantastic, and her much seen photo of a certain ring and colour of polish gets me everytime.

PhotobucketI want it all!

I want a new camera. Mine is on it's last legs with a virus and horrible noises everytime I zoom, turn it on, or take a video.
Nikon D40?
Canon EOS Digital Rebel?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i could cry

just broke my favourite tortoise shell ray-ban sunglasses.
i could cry.

granted, they were only from le chateau i wore them EVERYDAY!!!
will have to take a trip to the mall tomorrow.

boohoo :(

happy hump day

much to do today, in fact i've just finished a giant to do list to keep myself organized.
it consists of grocery shopping, cleaning the hutch (as well as both bunny rooms), and a whole whack of organization and laundry folding.
hurrah, unfortch it's supposed to be super nice today.

almost the weekend!
happy hump day :)

**inspiration for the apartment (balloons, pinatas, sparkle and shine)**

Photobucket (i am in love with these boots. want them so bad!!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

terrible tuesday

i have a full day ahead of me today.
pool 9-12:30, babysit 1-4:30, back to the pool 5-7:30.
and then home to make dinner and play with the baby bunnies.

how i wish for some time off! (but, you know, still be paid for it!)

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Monday.
Man, I hate Mondays.

Back to work for both me and Niall, and we did not have a long enough break. I'm at the pool 9-8 pretty much today.
Would much rather have us all stay home as a happy family.
Tomorrow I think I'm over sitting for Jo, so that will be fun.

So tired. Would like to cuddle in bed with the babies...

xxoo double baby bunny bisous

Friday, August 14, 2009

welcome to the family

Perseus Wayne Peanut McPherson!

came home with us today at 4pm.
daddy is building a super neat hutch.
big sister Boudica is not too thrilled, but once bonded they should be fine.

a baby orange Holland Lop bunny.
floppy ears, 10 weeks old but the size of an 8 week old!

birthdate: May 31st, 2009/

love you baby bunny!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

some photos of the trip

we took just over one thousand photos.
here are some smexcellent ones...
Photobucket /end.

Monday, August 10, 2009

First August Post

Home again, home again.
At Amanda's babysitting for Jo, she just went down for a nap. We're potty training, and she just got a stickers!


home from the trip and we had a blast! About 1000 new photos (over a period of 8 days) and I will post a select few later.
Am catching up on my blog reading right now, so many posts I have missed.
So many new inspirational photos on here, and on friends facebooks. I'm feeling like I need a change (still). I want my hair to grow but I want a funky cut, or maybe I should just style my hair differently?
I want a tattoo, I want a piercing. But to be honest, I am way too chicken to ever get either. Well, maybe a piercing because that wouldn't be too much upkeep or pain. Ha!

Wishlists are flying around in my mind. I also picked up a new tank, pair of jeans, and cardigan while in the States. All the camp clothes are smokey and dirty, need a good wash. Not working too much this week so should be able to get stuff done. Ni is back to work on the 24th so he has time to do things around the house, as well.

BOUDICA COMES HOME TODAY! She's been at my parents place since 2 Wednesdays ago. We've missed her so much. Can't wait to see her.

Now must go catch up on True Blood. Love that show and Ni enjoys it now as well.

xxoo and baby bunny kisses this afternoon!