Monday, September 28, 2009

feeling better

Thursday: off sick from work.
Friday: off sick from work.
Saturday: went mini golfing to celebrate 3 years, 4 month anniversary. Also bought Lego Batman game so played that for awhile on the computer.
Sunday: worked 8am-12. Not too bad, cleaned and then had a tour of babyGap.

We grocery shopped and then played Batman. Also made a chicken pot pie for dinner...

which Niall dropped out of the oven. HA!
He was so mad, but I didn't care. Just couldn't stop laughing as I scooped it up onto the plates. It didn't fall onto the floor, just the bottom of the oven so that was good.
He will never live this down.

Today I work at 3:30. Going to do some chores etc before work because I am feeling better. Hurrah!

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