Thursday, September 3, 2009

Inspiration on a Thursday

There has been little in the way of outfit postings, because they are all so boring.
Rotating through a few different pairs of jeans, rolled at the cuff, and some t-shirts.

Hopefully the weekend wear will be stunning.

Niall is heading to a family gathering and I shall be at home with the wee buns.

Right now, I am sitting and catching up on blogging whilst in my housecoat. Finally brought it over from the condo! The buns love it, and again I am the pink polar bear/ninja.

I stumbled across a few new blogs this morning and am loving them so far... - is fantastic. This gal is super cute and very stylish. If only my blog could become a mere shadow of hers! - witty name, these always catch my eye.

I will probably update the posts a little later, with a wish list. As per usual.

xxoo baby bunny kisses.

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