Sunday, September 6, 2009

dismal sunday 06-09-09

Gap interview at 1:30.

Must shower, paint nails and toenails.
Wash dishes, do some laundry, and water the cedars (it is POURING rain but they are under a balconey so cannot get any H2O).
Check up on BlackJack - Amanda's cat.
Clean up around the house.

I'm thinking very light pink nails and hot pink (or just a bit of a darker pink) on my toenails.
I have grey on my fingernails for a couple of days and man oh man is that hard to take off!

I think I'm going to have my hair sort of wavy today? Maybe a big barrel curl if I go pick that up from Amanda's.

- The alarm is going off and I'm already up, love it when that happens.

Am listening to a mix of La Roux, Imogen Heap, Shakira's - She Wolf, and The Sounds.

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