Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yesterday consisted of me and Josie hanging out, a 3 hour break, then Josephine, Niall and I hanging out.
It was excellent, and the money is going towards the date fund.
We love that little girl...


Another Saturday is here.
Still need to do laundry,
still need to clean up all the clothes that are dumped at the condo...
My little sister is coming to town!

I still need to put on some clothes and my face before Jess gets here.


Friday, January 29, 2010

last night's photo session :)

first photo: Aldo earrings, AE white top
black dress is Hurley
white dress is Club Monaco (too big, posted on UsedVic)

Monday, January 25, 2010

yayy, mail!
*opens letter*
boo, church junk mail.
Just spilled tea all over me and my bedsheets. Excellent.
Must run to the condo to wash these suckers, after a quick shower.
Hope your Monday is off to a better start!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

an Aldo post

Finally! They are getting some good stuff in. - how long have I wanted an extremely bright coloured bag? I wonder how large this one is...

Satudays with Jess

Yesterday Jess and I had another downtown date. These seem to be happening each week and I like it! We strolled around some shops (Decade had some lovely dresses) and had high tea at Murchies.
Jessica's brownie
my Lemon Tart
vanilla latte (I had tea which would have been a lame picture)
Our tray (silver!) of delicious eats

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What's In Your Bag?

I've been meaning to post this for awhile...
Aldo sherbert clutch as my wallet (filled with Safeway/Airmiles/Aeroplan cards, and my empty debit card)
Cellular phone
Aldo sunglasses
My heat releasing brush
Starbucks card
Trident gum
Club Monaco ring
bobby pins, safety pins
random pin that is now on my Aritzia sweater
clicky pencil
InStyle, Lucky, Elle Canada magazines
Dove deodorant (baby powder)

Friday, January 22, 2010

I have hair dye all over my head and it tickles. Almost time to rinse!

Last Night - Bunny Bonding

Perseus is snagged out of his hutch to come cuddle on the couch with Mom. Dica sneaks through the gate and also hops up on the couch, where we have a good cuddle. They both race back to the bedroom and fly through the poop pens. Time for a bath, says Mom. As I fill up the tub (1inch) they huddle together underneath the sink. Plop! In they both go and have a little water dripped on them. Scramble, there's Perseus into Mom's t-shirt. Riiiip, there's Dica, scrambling behind Perseus. Out they both come, and run flipping their feet (angry bunnies) to hide under the sink. After being towelled off they are deposited into Perseus' hutch where some licking (!!) and snuggling go on. Then I start to hear the buzzing... Perseus tries to hump but Dica evades him and sticks her head under his chin. This means "Groom me, NOW" -- she does this a lot with Mom, a successful way to be petted. After they flop (She hippos!!!) I snag Dica and bring her out.

Phew, successful bunny bonding!

This morning I noticed that all of P's poos were in his litterbox for once. I didn't see any outside (I cleaned it last night) of his designated litterbox. YIPEE! This is surely a good sign of bonding, as well!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

thank goodness it's my friday.
so tired. did quite a lot of lengths (just kicking) yesterday. feel the burn.

hope everyone has a great day!

also, Snatch Fest #2 was a great success last night.
went to whitespot then fourbucks.
twas a lovely evening of bitching and laughs.

hopefully we will have a dinner party soon or make cupcakes.
i miss having friend photos!

P, B and me

I secretly like the fact that Boudica is jealous of Perseus.

She bonded with me on the very first night we got her, and Perseus still isn't that keen on me even though we've had him since end of August (he is much more of a Daddy's boy).

Every morning Boudica comes out to cuddle with me on the bed. Or I chase her around and she binks and shakes her head. This morning I was rubbing her back and nose and she was teeth purring.

Perseus would never let me do that! Though I hope someday soon he will.

And then when I go into the bedroom to see him, Dica RACES in and skitters around my feet demanding pets before I give him any. It's so funny and so cute.

I love my babies.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I want something with studs

i want something studded. no sure what... but something.
Good morning!

Today is my nice easy day at the pool.
12-12:45 I do inventory, then 12:45-1:15 I'm teaching school lessons.
Break until 3, then I'm teaching till 5.

This morning Ni left at 7:30 (like usual) and he'll be back at 10 tonight. I got to see him for a bit last night because we didn't go to bed until 11:30. I had the buns out in their room together which was good but Boudica kept biting Perseus' bum. Poor little peanut.
This morning she was doing the Bunny 500... where she starts on my bed and races around my house, ends on the bed. Repeat. Times like 20. It's SO funny to watch and she's so proud of herself. I love that she's been hanging out with me on the bed. We used to hang out on the couch but she actually cuddles on the bed. Such a sweetheart. I cannot believe she is like this. Never ever thought a bunny could be.

Not much on the go today so I shall snoop the internets!

xxoo, baby bunny kisses

Monday, January 18, 2010

I feel like this photo/drawing is an adaptatioon of me, Boudica, and Perseus.
love love love.

clouds in the, sunshine on the ground

So last night Niall's mom and sis came over for dinner. It was a lovely evening complete with Cranium and popcorn. Ni has 3 big tests this week (already) so I won't be seeing much of him.

In the hall (in our apartment building) they are hauling around these big long tubes that look like pool vacuums but I think are regular vacuums. It was super windy and rainy last night, I'm hoping no roofs are leaking?

Today I start work at 2:30 and need to pick up the last of the laundry, take the trash out and...?
I did a super good cleaning of the house yesterday so it looks great! Even the buns room :)

Perhaps a shower and some internet wish shopping. Jess got herself a new bag so now I'm really itching for one. But I'm too damn picky so probably will not have any luck for awhile. I wish there was a machine you could plug yourself into and if you think it, like with detail stitchign and zippers and everything it would be yours.

Ooh, lookie! A rainbow! How lovely :) No, TWO rainbows! One is faint and blurry while the other one is vibrant. I just took a picture.

Today is going to be a good day.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

weekend update

Well, yesterday was pretty good. Did some chores, then Jess and I met up and went downtown. We were looking for a club shirt for me (as I was going out later) but did not have any luck. There was one really cute dress on LoJo but it was $50 and my price range was lower than that.
Did not come home with anything except...
I was so excited to find it and it has not come off my finger except when I was sleeping last night and showering. It is so cute (will post picture later) and I love love love it.

Last night was allright. Made BLATs before heading to Emily's. Ni was being a jerk and not giving me a ride - he said I could walk. That's nice. In my 4.5 inch heels? I think not.
I ended up driving myself down there. Sarah and Diandra came a bit later, and a bunch of boys that Emily is friends with. We went to Social and left around 12:40? We walked to Plan B and got in for free because of our party passes... I just wanted to go home. I only had about 2 drinks so was not really in the mood for all the feet stomps and squishy/rude people.
As per my new resolution (go out more, less of a house mouse thing) I think I filled my quota for January (thank goodness).

This morning Niall has been a jerk. I'm very upset by his attitude... he guilts me when I go out and then the next morning is all grumpy. I understand he has a lot on his mind due to school but cheer the fuck up.

I'm going to clean the apartment while he sits there doing his homework.

Hope you guys have fantastic Sundays... it's actually sunny here!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

So last night was dead at the Gap. Hardly anyone came in, though I did see 3 families I knew from the pool. I see someone every single time I'm there!
Niall just left to go to school and Dica is out running around. I will do some bloghunting while she binks. Then it's laundry time and some grocery shopping.

Friday, January 15, 2010

want everything in thise photos. including hair.

Friday Friday Frid-yay

Aside from working at the Gap tonight (6-10) I really don't have anything to do today! Love it when this happens. I've got some laundry to get through, and need to pick up some cereal and tp.
I was going to buy a party top for going out on Friday night but did not get a big a paycheck as I thought. I wonder where I can get a cheap party top? - Sirens, Costa Blanca would be two good options. They are rather slutty stores. Mysi is a little more expensive.
I've been looking at rings online for quite some time now. Really want another funky addition to go with my Club Monaco ring.,+product.marketingPriority,-product.startDate&navCount=399&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=W_ACC_JEWELRY_RINGS&popId=WOMENS_ACCESSORIES&prepushId= (love this one!!!)

Club Monaco ring, Aldo studs

Thursday, January 14, 2010

the clouds are moving pretty fast today

I feel like the bunny in my banner this morning.
Last night got off work at 7, then went for coffee and dessert with Jess, Em, and Sarah. It was a quite enjoyable evening! Emily is so bloody random I cannot keep up with her. I love having girlfriends again but I feel like I am way out of practise and akward. Oh well.
Got the Lady Gaga cd from Jess so I've been listening to it this morning while Dica got her morning cuddle/head rub.
Working 9-11:45, 1:30-2, 3-5.
A very scattered shift so I will be bringing a mug for tea, lots of towels, and my fashion magazines (InStyle, Lucky, Elle).

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

middle of the week

little P was a bit reluctant to come and snuggle, but Mommy won! Dica and P were playing on the dressers. Mmm, raisins.

Sharing some banana bits...
exploring the living room.

Happy Hump Day!
Dica's already been out binking around.
I've been updating farmville like crazy, haha.
Need to finish warching Julie&Julia from last night.
Pouring rain.
Ho hum.
Enjoy your days, I'm working at 2!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

bon soir

home from work, day is ending.
super duper tired.
don't think N will be home till 10 tonight.
gives me lots of time to browse the internets!
still no $$ but paycheck on friday (yay),
which unfort. will be going towards rent and my car insurance. booo.

oh well. pretty pictures will take away those worries!
cherry blossom girl
cherry blossom girl

Dica is out for her morning job around the house (soft j).
I am still half asleep but wanted to post an adorable picture of the bonding bunnies from Sunday!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Gotta love the Selby for inspirational home photos of famous people...