Friday, March 5, 2010

tis a lovely day

Good morning!
Tis Friday, woo!
My day as planned:
1. shower
2. get ready for a slightly spring-ish photo shoot (with cherry blossoms).
3. possibly mosey on down to the mall to pick up a new dress? or skirt...
4. pick up T2202 form.
5. xrays for my wisdom teeth?
6. lunch with Niall at his school.
7. dishes to condo (as well as put the laundry in over there).
8. ...
So some of those may not be in the correct order but we shall see!
Hope you have a lovely day. I'm feeling slightly crafty and want to do this project:
**update - just came back from a lovely lunch with Niall. Have to go pick up my form but first need my old student id. May or may not look at dresses today, depending if Jess and I go downtown tomorrow to look at some...**

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