Sunday, March 7, 2010

sunday showers

Well today is definetly not as nice as the past few. It's cold in my apartment, it's rainy and grey outside. The buns have been out for the past couple of hours. We did brunch this morning with N's mom and sister and bf. I had some avocado and a fruit cup (damn teeth).
Need to dye my hair today and get my nails all done nicely in the most recent OPI I got. Also need to head to the mall so shall change out of my sweats and zip down there. I did this post on tumblr, opinions would be lovely :) -
Yesterday Jess and I saw some super sweet mobiles to hang necklaces off of. I really want to make one! There were also some gorgeous necklaces (charms etc on a gold chain) that I want to try to make. Or stud something. Hopefully Club Monaco still has that necklace I wanted, it'd be the perfect chain!

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