Saturday, March 6, 2010

i love saturdays

Today was a lovely day, and it is still absolutely gorgeous outside!
I was up at 7 to be at the pool for 8:30 (a nice sub shift until 1).
Ended up not having to work until 1 so came home with Jess and had a shower (while she dolled herself up).
Got our hair dids and my face on and went downtown.
Did Lower Johnson and some of Yates, and I got the lovely leopard dress (mentioned in Jan 17th post!) that I had been thinking about for awhile.
It had originally been $50 but I got it for... $33? Lovely saving money.
I will make another post about it with photos.
Went into American Apparel... almost as fun giggling at those 80's inspired
clothes as it is going into Value Village.
And then we saw pretty much a poster girl for the store walking along
the street with her skateboard. People seriously wear that stuff?!
We had Tim Ho's for lunch and neither won on Roll Up the Rim. Boo.
We did however get some lovely photos of the cherry blossoms on Yates.
A very good day, indeed.

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