Saturday, March 20, 2010

spring has sprung

Whenever I heard/read the word "sprung" I think of Sir Mixalot's - Baby Got Back. I have no idea why, I just do.

It is absolutely gorgeous out. Yesterday was lovely as well but I was feeling tres crappy.

I do not see a single cloud in the sky so hopefully I will make it outside with the camera!

Yesterday I went to visit the parents (who are in town till today) and as I was feeling quite ill due to the teeth I mainly rode around in the back of the car while they did errands.

Then I had them drop me off at my house so I could have a nap. And nap I did. As did the wee buns. Who are bffs now. **Perseus just came scampering out of the bedroom and stood up on his hindlegs meerkat style looking for his sister**

Jess came over after my nap so we could work on a Jeopardy project for her, and Em and Sarah joined us later. They also brought me a milkshake so that was nice. I need to pay her back - forgot.

The Percocets and Advil are starting to kick in. Thank goodness. It's always so sore when I wake up, probably because I sleep with my mouth open. Aw, baby Dica just came to visit me on the bed. What a lovely girl.

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