Tuesday, March 9, 2010

boom boom shaka laka boom boom

everybody jump, everybody roar, everybody do the dinosaur.

Em and Sarah just left - we watched Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.
No word from Niall yet, hopefully he gets home soon.
I'm going to put the bunnies to bed.

I cleaned today and then did Funleading at the pool.


  1. Is that your hair, dearest?

    I really want to try that side braid out/learn how to do it!
    xo j

  2. Hi J,
    I hope this is who I think it is...

    Nope, just another picture I found lying around the internets.
    I want to learn to braid, period, so it doesn't looke like the little blonde girl in Matilda!

  3. haha yes it is who you think it is!

    but that little blonde girl is so cute! haha....I can teach you regular braids, but I havent attempted the bang braid yet. I guess it can't be that hard!


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