Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dica is checking out the new stuff

Hello lovelies,

Just got back from the mall.
Stopped in at AE to start, looking for the items from the previous post. NADA!
Proceeded to venture into Aldo, Club Monaco (the necklace is still $50 - it hasn't gone on sale and it's been there since last July), Off the Wall -- where I tried on a few different shirts that did not fit me.
Finally, to Gap. I had to go talk to my manager about my shift for tomorrow anyways, and decided to try some things on I'd previously folded/hung up.

v-neck pocket tee in true black knit -

cuffed boyfriend tee in tomato -

racerback bra in black -

aaand finally got some black leggings! TNA brand from Aritzia for $22. Woo!

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