Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Another lovely outing with Jess. We went downtown to Paboom to pick up V-day gifts for Sarah and Em. Then went to Murchies' for lunch. First tray is Jess, second silver tray is mine!

Stopped by Hemmingways to look at rubber boots. Also a closing down makeup store. Very quick jaunt out but fun as ever.

I feel the need to shopppppp...


  1. It was certainly a splendid morning:)
    love your secret blog admirer (heehee)
    PS. I cant wait to see what the new spring colours are for Hunter boots!

  2. Hi sneaky!
    I was wondering if you were going to comment one day.
    I had a blast today and tonight. You've got me wanting some rubber boots.
    Also super stoked we got new purses coming!


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