Friday, February 12, 2010

thank goodness it's friday

So I got to sleep in today. Then shower etc and off to Amanda's to sit for Jo.
Met up with my parental units (who are here until Saturday sometime) at the condo to look at flooring samples.
Then out for lunch with Emily and Sarah, Jess joined us later. We went to Red Robin and I got "clucks and fries" which was too big of a lunch for me. Phew! Some yummy Freckle Lemonade (strawberries in lemonade).
Then we ventured to the mall so Em could get some Gap stuff (with my employee discount!) and I got a repeat of my pink ruffley shirt due to pizza spillage on Wednesday night.
There's not too much in at the mall right now. I'm really wanting a dress with pockets! Jess tried on this one at American Eagle: and it looked SO good on her.

And now for me, time to clean. Dishes and vacuuming await (yayy...).

Happy Fridays!

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