Monday, February 15, 2010

Perseus and Boudica have had full run of the house all morning. Now Dica is sulking because I put her in Perseus' hutch (to get her used to being in a tighter corner for when we move) and I can hear Perseus jumping through the cardboard boxes.
Gosh, they are cute.

Had a good Valentine's Day. Niall stayed home till noon-ish when I drove him to school and picked up him at 6. Em and I went for lunch at Timmy's and then went to Walmart. Twas a good afternoon.
Niall and I made spaghetti for dinner along with garlic bread and a salad. We tried to watch the Tudors and an episode of Saturday Night Live but megavideo kept cutting out. Grr.

Saturday my parents left after I went over to visit them. Not even going to write about that, jeez. I was having a shitty day so Em and Sarah stopped by the cheer me up. It worked, and I ended up going out to Social with them that night. Very fun but both were quite drunk. Em has nice guy friends who look after the girls so that is good.

Today I have done nothing but play with the buns. I need to shower and then I will catch up on my Grey's Anatomy (2 episodes I've missed!!).
Working at 3.

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