Tuesday, February 2, 2010

did he see his shadow?

Good morning!

It's a bit hard to type this morning because I sliced into my thumb and thumbnail last night while cutting my pizza. So excuse the typos, I will edit those later.

So yesterday was work, not bad. Sunday my sis was in town (she arrived Saturday night and came for dinner with her buddy Brett. We had nachos, played Cranium, then Niall and I went to Avatar in 3D.) but I didn't see her until we all went for dinner at Amanda's. Roast chicken, sooo good. Josie was being silly but man oh man that little girl is nuts for Niall. She told him "love you" without any prompting from her mommy to give him a hug. So cute.
Saturday during the day Jess and I went downtown, as per usual. I just love the stores on Lower Johnson. There were some boots in Addiction, though, that I had first seen on http://www.fashiontoast.com/. Sam Edelman "Zoe" boots. I'm totally head over heels for them. They were a size 10 at Addiction so way too big but I tried them on anyways. They made my legs go on forever!! A few hours of internet searching later showed they are upwards of $200 and usually only the big sizes are left. I will keep searching, though they will probably get more expensive as time goes by.

Oh, I also fell coming out of a store (that was lovely but cannot for the life of my remember the name) on LoJo. Totally hit the pavement. I also scuffed the toe off of my right boot. Am still sad about it, but oh well. Spring is near (IT'S GROUNDHOG DAY - I FORGOT!) so hopefully the time for new shoes is as well!

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