Monday, February 8, 2010

a good haul

Did laundry then went to save-on foods...
got two tres semme conditioners, one deodorant for Niall, and face moisturizer for me.
a cheesecake, and cookies for Ni`s lunches. (oooh about $50 right there.)

proceeded to the mall where I tried on various sizes of the same shirt (the ruffle one from Gap).
ended up with an XS (wtf!!) in pink and one in white for Jess. got myself a new headband at Aldo.
tried on some Alice in Wonderland shirts at Off the Wall.
and got a V-day surprise for Jess, which I won`t list here because she may read this!
**edit: she has already got the goody bag. The treat was this pirate's treasure chest necklace!**
Her goody bag for tonight is now complete, and I am going to have some mango and tea before heading to the pool.

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