Friday, February 19, 2010

My day with Emily

She got here around 12:45 and we skeedoodled our way to her grandma's to put away groceries. Then to Winners and Old Navy. Did some snooping and she got a fruit basket and... I don't remember.
Then we had to pay for her parents van to be fixed so stopped there before heading back to her house. Picked out some movies to watch then went to Blockbuster and rented The Proposal (which we watched tonight). Also stopped at DQ and got Blizzards - just remembered mine's in the freezer!!
We went to my house and played with the buns for a few hours then went to Thrifty's to get dinner supplies. Made "Chef Gordon f***ing Ramsey Chicken Strips" as Emily was calling them, and caesar salad. Watched the movie whilst eating dinner then after that was done watched Sweet Home Alabama (which I have not seen in years!!!).
After that was done we chatted for awhile and then she went home.

The bunnies have been out basically all day and I cannot believe how good they have been!! I am going to let them both sleep in the bedroom with the gate across so I can hear if anything goes down. Crossing my fingers I won't be sleeping too soundly!

I should really do the dishes and vacuum. Niall will be coming home tomorrow on an early ferry and I want to get a load of clothes in before I have to go pick him up.

It was a very good day for this sicky. My voice has been off and on all day but my throat is still very sore.

baby bunny kisses and to all a good night!

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