Friday, February 19, 2010


Good morning,
I had a nice sleep in until 9. Didn't really miss Niall because I got the whole bed to myself, muahahaha! I let Boudica and Perseus out first thing this morning, they've been playing with each other and now Dica is flopped by the sliding glass doors and P is rummaging around in his box. So cute.
Today is a nice looking day outside, but windy. There are more clouds in the sky today which kind of sucks but perhaps it will warm it up. Still sunny like yesterday, though!
No Gap today, so no plans for me!
I need to do my toenails and possibly nails with my new OPI I got yesterday: Elephantastic Pink.
I have $57 to last me until payday (seriously???) so will not be buying anything this weekend, that's for sure. Good thing I have enough groceries to last me until my sugar daddy is back to pay for his share! Haha.
Speaking of which (Niall) - he is in Vancouver right now and remembered to phone me last night. He was hanging out at his brother's house (who either has a flu or the cold so he better not get my bf sick!) and saw some cool downtown Olympic sights. He went over with his friends from school so they are meeting up today and going to see the torch/Cauldron etc. Neat. I told him he'd better take lots of pictures!
The buns keep jumping up and down on the bed (as in up, then hopping back onto the floor). Last night was P's first time getting up all by himself.
Need to shower and condition my hair. Damn chlorine is giving it a beating!
xxoo enjoy your Fridays!!

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