Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the tenth of march two thousand nine

reddd, originally uploaded by leahrae22.

finally, some sunny weather! It snowed yesterday, if you can believe. I got a good 3" on my grass, and it was soo pretty, in a grey sort of way.

Today it's nice and sunny, and I'm going out for lunch with one of my girlfriend's who I probably haven't seen in almost a year. Wait, maybe in October I saw her? Anyways, we're doing lunch and then I'm redying my hair.

I've been doing L'Oreal Feria #74 Deep Copper Bronze... I think today I'll go for L'Oreal Superior Preference in either:
46 red copper auburn
48 copper blonde
or RP07 intense red copper.
I'm hoping to get my hair to the shade of the posted picture:

which was my regular dye but under some really good lights and camera flash!

Boudica has been running around the house like crazy. I blocked off the living room and half my bedroom but she keeps going under the bed. Crazy little bunny. She's also chewing on the place where all my floorboards are supposed to be. Not good!
Hopefully she will have a nap while I'm out, I don't want to come home to a destroyed house.

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