Friday, March 6, 2009

march6 is a friday!

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Cleaning house today. A whole bunch of laundry, and hanging up clothes.

Boudica is in the kitchen where it's sunny... she was moved into Niall's room (at his house) last night because the boys' have a new roomate: Shaun. I dislike him. He is dirty, smokes, and I remember him as a rude, troublesome boy from highschool. Hopefully he has changed...

I also had to give him my key this morning. I've had a key to Ni's apartment since September. Now it feels like I'm getting kicked out. It really sucks. I do like having Boudica in the same room as us at night, though. Makes me worry less. For all I know, Shaun may eat her (ha).

We rearranged Niall's room the other night (I didn't know Shaun was moving in, I was just happy to change it up). It seems more open and bright now, I really like it.

I'm always over there so my house has been disused, cold, and somewhat cluttered.

Well, today I'm going to change that. I think I won't be hanging out at Niall's as much anymore, so I will do what I can over here to make it more homey and warm.

I definetly need to put some of my pictures up. My bedroom (with the teal walls) is totally blank, and it is kind of sad. The bed is in the middle of the room with my desk over here by the window (where the internet it)... Hmm, maybe a disposable camera is in order to snap some photos???

Anyways... on to cleaning.

What I wore today: (excuse the head - I have no makeup on)
dress: fire in la
bra: lulu lemon
skirt: gap button-front
shoes: wild diva
belt: my father's from the 70s

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