Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i have cute wall decals

It is raining. Again.
It is supposed to rain until Saturday - when it becomes sunny.
My sister is coming for the weekend tomorrow afternoon (she's on spring break right now) and we're getting together with my bff/cousin for a girlie night on Saturday. Chocolate fondue and chick flicks!

Niall and I had a horrible sleep last night. Alan, the roomate, turned the heat on high (him and Ni have wars about this) and it was just tossing and turning and bedhogging (whoops) all night. Gross. I feel totally worn out and have since the time change. Hopefully I will catch up on my sleep soon!

Tomorrow (Thursday) my poor car has to go into the shop because of the break in. Not too happy about that, also worry about her. I worry about Boudica all the time. I hope I don't get an ulcer!

So to cheer myself up I've been reading blogs this morning and checking out what's online at American Eagle. So far, I like what I see.

for the dresses (some have already been posted, sorry about that)
I'm not sure what colour. I really like the pink (plus the girl has redhair so it's super cute) or the black. Photobucket
for the tops
in the blue Photobucket

I was looking at wedding dresses last night (teehee) and I really like this idea for a ring: Photobucket so cute!

aaand lastly before I hop in the shower,
some self potraits on my lovely vista webcam!


xxoo, Leah

the wall decals I bought yesterday:
Photobucket Photobucket
^sorry about the colour quality etc... my camera is outta batts

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