Thursday, March 26, 2009

I thought this was supposed to be Spring?!

I hate how the Gap Canada website is absolutely crap compared to the US one. Grr. Still wanting a ginormous tote for my stuff + laptop.
Also, was reading Le Blog de Betty this morning. Man, she is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could be her. Or her friend :P She really is simply stunning. I also want her dress.
I saw a really gorgeous tiered/tulle skirt in the March issue of Lucky... it's on the Marie Antoinette inspiried page, and I want it! This one is also pretty cute: Photobucket
Maybe I will take a run into the dance store in town later this week?
Still wanting a jumpsuit. Or even a bodysuit to go under jeans, so they don't fall down and I don't have bunchy tshirts under my zippies...
love this necklace

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