Sunday, March 22, 2009

my sister is incredibly noisy in the morning... so much for a sleep-in!

Yesterday I was a bit frazzled. Usually on the weekends my boyfriend and I have a set plan of what we are going to do. Well, he is at his house studying and my sister was into tv mode. She did some math homework, but seriously... was not ready for the day until 2:30!
I played with Boudica and did some stuff around the house but I was going stir crazy and needed to get out of the house.

We ended up going downtown yesterday afternoon. Went into some of the good stores (HtO, Mango, Club Monaco, Le Chateau, Paboom, etc.) and I ended up getting a lovely spring-ish jacket! I've been wanting a new coat because my Hurley wool peacoat I've had since last July and it really isn't cutting it for me.

Erin (my little sister) broke her bag she had been carrying around. It was a simple tote from Nova Scotia. We went into Aldo and she ended up getting my purse in brown (I'm not too sure how I feel about this. My purses are my babies and she isn't very kind to her clothing). We don't live with each other so we won't be too matchy all the time...

Here is my new trench - except I got it in khaki and it's not so satiny. Just plain cotton...
Here is MY trench (with me in it, before my Dad's retirement wine and cheese party -- ignore the smirk, I need to find a good picture face still)

I'm very happy with it, and when we were out last night (movie store, Thrifty's) a boy smiled and waved at me while walking by me. It was odd, hasn't happened to me in quite some time! Not that I'm super ugly or anything, I just don't really dress up or go out.

We had a night in watching Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and making chocolate fondue with my cousin Amanda. Very fun in all :)

E is going to her swim course today so I'm driving her there before 9 and then picking her up around 5:30 tonight. We will then be dying her hair... she still needs to pick out a colour.

That's all for now, folks.


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