Saturday, March 28, 2009

he said i could pick out a ring :)

Today has been a very lazy day with the boy and the bunny.
Ni slept until 10:30 this morning and we weren't ready until at least 1. Just finished lunch about an hour ago (it is now 5:20) and I'm starting on the roast chicken.
We went to Moore's (dress pants) and Walmart (undies, makeup, shampoo), and are doing laundry and having a movie marathon tonight.

We're renting Lord of the Rings (all 3!) and probably the Jungle Book. Will be staying up late with popcorn.

Very sleepy as I picked Ni up from his night out around 12:30 and then I didn't fall asleep until almost 2. Oh well, it is the weekend!

No have wants or needs today. Maybe a nap...

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