Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Forward

So, a reminder to set your clocks forward one hour (as of last night). Ahh, it's already after 1 but I'm feeling it to be lunch time.

So yesterday was a very fun day.

- update: Boudica is fast asleep snuggled up to her little grey bunny stuff, flopped on a pile of towels. AWWWW! -

Ni bought a paintball gun and balls a few weeks ago and we went out to play with his cousin's boyfriend and brothers. SO much fun, running all around outside shooting things! We played free for all, capture the flag, storm the fort and others that I don't remember having names. I wasn't too great of a shot but as it was my first time I wasn't too worried. Hopefully we will be able to play again. It began to snow while we were playing (we played for 3 hours!) and it was so beautiful. I wish I had been able to take a picture but didn't want my camera getting shot.

Then last night we went over to Ni's sisters for dinner. Had chili with cupcakes and cheesecake for dessert. Played Cranium Wow (which Ni and I won) and then Rock Band. It was a very fun evening.

We came home to Boudica who was on top of her barrier... she can now jump over it into the living room. Uh oh! Fast little bunny she is. Very sneaky and smart. But so tuckered out right now. Awe, I love my baby.

Anyways, more updates to come. Right now I need to do some home work. My Dad is back from Cambodia, hurray. Glad he made it home safe.

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