Wednesday, July 29, 2009

vacation my ass.

heading to oregon on saturday and i have so much to do until then!
report cards are due at the pool so much work on those.
- parents came over for a bbq last night. good times.
boudica is leaving for home with them, and will be staying until the 10th. i'm very sad and don't want her to go which also means i don't want to go on the roadtrip.
but it will be okay - their place is cooler, she'll have a spot in the basement and they will spoil her with treats.
- still, i am sad.
also poor, and i need to buy some more shorts for the trip! also have to do laundry. and get travel insurance. and do report cards for the pool. and pack. and clean out the fridge. and help my friend clean out her closet.
oh goodness...

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