Friday, July 10, 2009

One Hundred

My 100th Post!
Funny, I thought it would be a lot sooner to reach this, but I have not really kept up with the blogging like I thought. It takes time, effort, and a lot of picture and such research.
I still enjoy blogging. It's a good place to share some thoughts, photos, and current inspiration.

I was (and still feel like I am) a ballerina for about 16 years. I also did jazz, lyrical, pointe, lyrical ballet, hiphop, lyrical jazz... and for 2 years; musical theatre.
There were many many years, classes, and dances put to the music of Michael Jackson.
The man was a legend, and when I first heard the news that he died, I burst into tears.
I found on Delightful's blog a photo spread tribute to him.
Take a look...


I will try to do more posts as the summer goes by. I really am in need of a new camera to take some glamazon shots.

xxoo and boudica nibbles.

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