Friday, July 3, 2009

The first week of summer!

It has been a good week...

Monday - babysat for Jo.

Tuesday - hung out with Amanda and Jo, then had our first work out class. Body Ball and Bar Fitness. (the quads are finally doin' okay)

Wednesday - Canada Day! Ni and I went to the beach, and then came home to hangout/read. It was a very easy day.

Thursday - I babysat for Jo, and also her Grandma and Auntie Allie (my aunt and cousin) were stopped here off their cruise. My Mom and little sister also came down, and everyone came over to Amanda's house (I picked her up from work on the way back with Allison and Gail - my aunt). We did daquiries and guacamole and salsa and chips. For dinner - pizza. Dessert was a frozen raspberry pie that Amanda made. SO GOOD. It was a very fun night, and then I slept over at Amanda's and my sister stayed, too. We watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Today - babysat for Jo, but took her to the mall with my Mom and sister. Ended up with a bathing suit for work, and a pair of shorts! Pretty good week :)Photobucket

Ni is over at the condo watching the first BC Lions game of the season. I will be blog-hopping and playing Sims for the evening. Hurray!
We played tennis for an hour and 15. My arm is aching. Been doing so many sports outside with Ni lately --> frizbee, football, volleyball, and now tennis. I am getting better at tennis; considering I haven't played for almost 3 summers!!

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