Sunday, July 26, 2009

birthday month is almost over -

- and i have pretty much 0 monies.
which usually means it's time for a wish list!!!

here we go... i like for the strong gladiator style, but still in a platform. a good transition shoe, august to october. if only it were a different colour!! not sure which colour i like. a roughed up, sexed up cowgirl (almost) bootie. **tried these on and they look weird on my feet. i need a slight heel. these are effing hot!! love them in all the colours, minus taupe. i think a 5" heel? yummy. correction, 5.2. HOT! similar to the ones in le chateau. i want a pair!!! but of course the colour i like is the most expensive...

i'm hoping for some more summer dresses. i am sick of jeans, yet i want these: too bad they are sold out in my size.
anyways, summer dresses. i ended up with that flowy one from AE, and i really love it. i want some more so i can start wearing them in the fall with tights. much nicer than just throwing on a sweatshirt and a pair of pants!

i'm rearranging our room today. Ni's been camping for the past 5 days and so it will be a surprise when he gets home. need to do a huge vacuum job then the moving begins. i should get on that...

will write more on this post later!

** just came back from doing laundry and the mall **
found a sweet lily painting at the other condo which i yoinked - looks brand new and is a big one that will look good with my collage wall.
went to the mall and got myself a gold square ring from Club Monaco. had been eyeing it up for awhile.

amazingly cute short cowboy boots at le chateau. no photo, but i wish i could get them. heart heart heart.

been playing dress up for the last couple minutes.
parentals are coming down to take me out for a birthday dinner.
it's so fricken hot.

some more photos!

AE dress, with vintage braided leather belt. hot pink bra is la senza, ring is club monaco.

Club Monaco white trapeze dress (from last summer), with same belt.
- part of the sundeck. it's just been painted!

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