Friday, July 24, 2009

Thank goodness it is Friday. This has seemed like the longest week and I am exhausted.
It is halfway day for Monday-Friday pool lessons today - hurray
Tomorrow is my birthday party - the girls at the pool planned it. Apparently it was supposed to be a big surprise but now I sort of know what is happening. Oh well.
Drinks at my place and then head to Moxies' and out dancing later. I'm excited.
Tomorrow Amanda, Jo and I are also hanging out. We're going to the petting zoo and Amanda is going to help me get all dooded up for the night out. Yay girlie time!

Today after work, and after my week ending at the pool shower (in which the hairs gets MAJOR conditioner), I'm heading down to my friend Tianna's store to check their 40% off sale. I'm hoping to find some party clothes. I haven't seen her in quite awhile, so it will be good to visit.
I'm also re-dying my hair as the roots are coming in. So bad, almost an inch. Heat/sun/pool is making the dye leave so fast. *sad face*

Anyways, I have to eat brekkie and work on some report cards before I head off to work.

baby bunny kisses and have a great day to my single reader, ha!

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