Sunday, January 17, 2010

weekend update

Well, yesterday was pretty good. Did some chores, then Jess and I met up and went downtown. We were looking for a club shirt for me (as I was going out later) but did not have any luck. There was one really cute dress on LoJo but it was $50 and my price range was lower than that.
Did not come home with anything except...
I was so excited to find it and it has not come off my finger except when I was sleeping last night and showering. It is so cute (will post picture later) and I love love love it.

Last night was allright. Made BLATs before heading to Emily's. Ni was being a jerk and not giving me a ride - he said I could walk. That's nice. In my 4.5 inch heels? I think not.
I ended up driving myself down there. Sarah and Diandra came a bit later, and a bunch of boys that Emily is friends with. We went to Social and left around 12:40? We walked to Plan B and got in for free because of our party passes... I just wanted to go home. I only had about 2 drinks so was not really in the mood for all the feet stomps and squishy/rude people.
As per my new resolution (go out more, less of a house mouse thing) I think I filled my quota for January (thank goodness).

This morning Niall has been a jerk. I'm very upset by his attitude... he guilts me when I go out and then the next morning is all grumpy. I understand he has a lot on his mind due to school but cheer the fuck up.

I'm going to clean the apartment while he sits there doing his homework.

Hope you guys have fantastic Sundays... it's actually sunny here!!