Friday, January 22, 2010

Last Night - Bunny Bonding

Perseus is snagged out of his hutch to come cuddle on the couch with Mom. Dica sneaks through the gate and also hops up on the couch, where we have a good cuddle. They both race back to the bedroom and fly through the poop pens. Time for a bath, says Mom. As I fill up the tub (1inch) they huddle together underneath the sink. Plop! In they both go and have a little water dripped on them. Scramble, there's Perseus into Mom's t-shirt. Riiiip, there's Dica, scrambling behind Perseus. Out they both come, and run flipping their feet (angry bunnies) to hide under the sink. After being towelled off they are deposited into Perseus' hutch where some licking (!!) and snuggling go on. Then I start to hear the buzzing... Perseus tries to hump but Dica evades him and sticks her head under his chin. This means "Groom me, NOW" -- she does this a lot with Mom, a successful way to be petted. After they flop (She hippos!!!) I snag Dica and bring her out.

Phew, successful bunny bonding!

This morning I noticed that all of P's poos were in his litterbox for once. I didn't see any outside (I cleaned it last night) of his designated litterbox. YIPEE! This is surely a good sign of bonding, as well!