Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good morning!

Today is my nice easy day at the pool.
12-12:45 I do inventory, then 12:45-1:15 I'm teaching school lessons.
Break until 3, then I'm teaching till 5.

This morning Ni left at 7:30 (like usual) and he'll be back at 10 tonight. I got to see him for a bit last night because we didn't go to bed until 11:30. I had the buns out in their room together which was good but Boudica kept biting Perseus' bum. Poor little peanut.
This morning she was doing the Bunny 500... where she starts on my bed and races around my house, ends on the bed. Repeat. Times like 20. It's SO funny to watch and she's so proud of herself. I love that she's been hanging out with me on the bed. We used to hang out on the couch but she actually cuddles on the bed. Such a sweetheart. I cannot believe she is like this. Never ever thought a bunny could be.

Not much on the go today so I shall snoop the internets!

xxoo, baby bunny kisses