Monday, January 18, 2010

clouds in the, sunshine on the ground

So last night Niall's mom and sis came over for dinner. It was a lovely evening complete with Cranium and popcorn. Ni has 3 big tests this week (already) so I won't be seeing much of him.

In the hall (in our apartment building) they are hauling around these big long tubes that look like pool vacuums but I think are regular vacuums. It was super windy and rainy last night, I'm hoping no roofs are leaking?

Today I start work at 2:30 and need to pick up the last of the laundry, take the trash out and...?
I did a super good cleaning of the house yesterday so it looks great! Even the buns room :)

Perhaps a shower and some internet wish shopping. Jess got herself a new bag so now I'm really itching for one. But I'm too damn picky so probably will not have any luck for awhile. I wish there was a machine you could plug yourself into and if you think it, like with detail stitchign and zippers and everything it would be yours.

Ooh, lookie! A rainbow! How lovely :) No, TWO rainbows! One is faint and blurry while the other one is vibrant. I just took a picture.

Today is going to be a good day.