Monday, January 11, 2010

happy monday

Good morning!

Dica is out racing around as I type. It's so funny to open the bedroom door and hear her scurry across the cardboard then BOOM out like a shot into the living room! She's currently begging for raisins.
I rearranged their room yesterday after a big vacuum. Much better. Perseus' cage is back by the window but also by the heater. He would huddle next to his blankie to stay warm so hopefully this will be a better spot for him.

I've been reading a lot of and these past few days. Niall and I are both sick of our place and are actually starting to look forward to the move. That's right, we're moving come August. Niall will be attending Uni and he asked me on Christmas to move with him. Finally, jeez.
But yes, getting a lot of inspiration for a nice place and there's just not really anything to work with here.

For one, the shape of the living room. It's just so long and Niall has his desk area as the end nearest to the walk through kitchen (I hate those). Also, our bed is in the living room. So with an ugly couch and pillows and covers all messed up on the bed, the living room is not that appealing to the eye.

My wall collage consists of 4 framed photos from Value Village, and a lot of ripped out pages from magazines. I want mirrors. Old fashioned mirrors in old fashioned frames. Some paintings. Pops of colour. And not all the same bloody size like magazine pages.


Today I think I'm working 3-7 and also going to visit Amanda and Jo. Boudica just ran back into her room so I need to go shower and then paint my nails and toenails. I hate having them bare. I feel so nekkid!

Enjoy your day, lovelies!

xxoo and baby bunny kisses.