Tuesday, June 9, 2009


why is it that when i do not have any money (or am in glorious debt to my lovely man) i find all these things that i just must have? i do not understand. my twisted brain. thank goodness for window(s internet explorer) shopping!

1. a new camera - mine has had a virus for over a year, and though i love it dearly... it's slowly dying. the flash works when it wants, the picture quality sucks, and the shutter opens halfway most of the time.

2. some fantastic party dresses. it's my bday in over a month, and i kind of want to go glamazon...

3. why oh why do i like the knife store in the mayfair mall? i want cutting boards and bright coloured knives. weird.

4. extensions. lovely red ones. to make my hair long long longgg (think jean grey in the 3rd xmen?)

5. these wedges: http://www.aldoshoes.com/ca-eng/women/sandals/wedges/72678929-brozek/28

6. i need to re-dye my hair. this is not a wishing item, it just has to be done. i'm thinking the day after my lessons for this swim set finish. woohoo!

7. some fantastic makeup. not that i wear anything other than mascara, but it'd be nice to have an option. http://www.maccosmetics.ca/templates/looks/look.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CATEGORY31841

8. triple stacked gold rings for my middle finger on my left hand - kind of like jennifer aniston in he's just not that into you. plus, with a tan gold always looks good!

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