Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Ahh... finally a day off. Been so busy lately, and finally have a chance to organize and sort of unpack.

Set up 3 pictures for my wall last night... need to buy/find more so I can make it a huge collage.

Re-dyed my hair yesterday and it still smells. Need to put on my face, am done my shower and my hair is... curling itself dry.

Boudica is running around like crazy - we bought a tarp for the bed so no bunny pee anymore!

epitome of cool: Photobucket

Photobucket .. i love everything about this picture\\

I want:
- some floaty summer dresses.
- i'm so tired of wearing jeans, and most of mine aren't fitting right right now (losing weight???).

- some cowboy boots. yeah yeah, but think of some cognac slightly worn in with a white lacey dress?

- more sunnies! i really love the retro ray ban look, and i already have a pair in cream so why not in many different colours!

I've ordered Niall's birthday cake. Need to deposit a cheque, pick up speakers from the condo, get meds (bc, nothing crazy), and a neon tank top for a birthday party. Hmmm...
Am out of gas and need to put more oil in. Argh.

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