Wednesday, April 29, 2009

busy busy bee

Saturday: last exam. Cleaned. Packed.
Sunday: Started moving at 11. Finished around 8. Grocery shopped. Home by 9. Passed out around 10:30.
Monday: bottle deposits. Work. Unpack. Sleep (with a baby bunny bouncing around our heads).
Tuesday: nanny gig training. More moving. Work. Dinner. Sleep (as above).

ahh! finally a bit of a day off!
woke up at 6:35 as Ni was biking to work. have done nothing but reads blogs, and it is almost 9am. Also am in the process of re-dying my hair, it'll be done in 6 minutes.
Need to buy a tarp for our bed - Boudica likes to hop and we come home to little tiny poops all over the place. She is eager to explore and "mark" her territory. Sorry sweetness, I dislike bunny plops on my sheets!

Need to buy a whack of stuff for the new place.
Besides a tarp, dishes, mirror, more photos and picture frames, cleaning product, a vacuum filter...

I can't wait for the weekend. It's Ni's 21st on Friday and we're having a big bbq type dealio.

Must got rinse my hair, shower, and get on with the day.
I'm babysitting for Little J this afternoon - haven't seen them in awhile.


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