Sunday, May 3, 2009

The first Sunday in May

So Friday the 1st was Niall's 21st birthday. We had a bbq for him at his sisters, chatted, and played Rock Band. Good times, only one picture.

Yesterday Ni and I started our chores around the new place. We sanded and did a coat of primer on his dresser, and watched the first X-Men while doing it. Went out for dinner to White Spot.

Today we're doing another painting job, and we also have to clean the condo because my parents are coming down.

Thinking of a potential bunny friend for Boudica, just because we are out so much with work. I don't want her to get hurt so... maybe in a few months.

... Wow, it is now 10:16 at night and forgot to post this.
Did another coat of paint to the dresser, cleaned the condo, went and played frizbee, had dinner with my parents, and they left a bit ago after visiting at our place!

Good night. xxoo

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