Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday blues(ky)

Allergy season is definetly upon us. Ugh, so sneezy and sniffly.

Well, had a rather low-key weekend. Began to pack, and did some cleaning. We were supposed to go paintballing yesterday but no one was avaliable.
Had nachos both nights for dinner which were delicious, and will be my dinner tonight as I don't get home from work and working out till 9. Ugh.

While away on our mini vacation, Steph and I decided we were going to get in shape. As in go to the gym and start eating better in shape. A good idea, but man oh man am I not looking forward to it!

While we were away we went to Coombs, Butterfly World, and a Parrot Refuge. Super fun. Also did a photo shoot in the hotel room.

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